Managing Side Effects of ADHD Drugs in Children


Many children are taking drugs to treat ADHD and it is a sad fact that very young children need to take these drugs very early in life. There are multiple potential effects that could rise from prolonged usages of ADHD drugs. Current treatments are quire effective in treating ADHD in children but parents should consider possible side effects. They need consult the doctor whenever they find more than a few of these signs:

  • Sleep problem: This is a very common side effect that children could experience after taking ADHD drugs. Doctors may curb this by changing the medication or reducing the dose. Additionally, a glass of milk and consistent sleep routines could help.
  • Stomach ache: This may happen a few hours after children take the ADHD drug, Doctors usually advise to take the medication after children finish their meal. Parents may need to refrain from giving their children any ADHD medication when their stomach is empty.
  • Appetite issue: A significant decrease in appetite could happen after children take their medication. This is another reason why parents should encourage their children to eat before taking any ADHD medication. Consequently, weight loss may occur while children are under medication.
  • Drug dependency: Children could eventually become dependent on ADHD drugs. Unfortunately, these children come become more predisposed on taking harmful addictive substances later in life such as cocaine, heroin and other street drugs,
  • Hallucinations: It is among known adverse effects of ADHD drugs. Some children have reported that they feel imaginary sensation like having spiders crawl on their body.

Proponents of drug-based treatments in children may argue that hyperactivity can be reduced and children could focus better at school. However, the above alarming facts can be brushed under the rug. ADHD drugs are essentially stimulants; they stimulate both the brain and the heart. This isn’t a natural occurrence for growing children. Many of these drugs contain amphetamine, which is a Schedule II drug. This is why people still need prescriptions from doctor to obtain ADHD drugs for children. Studies also showed that benefits of psychostimulants could fade after children take these drugs for a few years. It should be noted that side effects of ADHD drugs may not immediately be visible on children. Some children could respond well to the drug without experiencing any side effect. However, parents should still wary of any ADHD drug and always ask their doctor for possible alternative treatment methods.