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How To Decide Whether Online Education Is Right For You?


Online education has come a long way over the last decade. You may now get degrees and qualifications from real and respected educational institutions. They are giving legitimate courses over the Internet where you are able to earn a real qualification. But, do not be fooled by the fact that you are studying from home. The work is still hard, if not harder for an online student who does not have the benefit of attending classes. The money you pay is also very real, as a BA degree alone is going to cost you thousands of dollars. Before you begin looking though prospectuses, answer these questions to yourself.

Are you Highly Organized?

You have to be motivated and highly organized if you are going to take time out of your everyday schedule in order to study online. It takes a lot of discipline and dedication, and such things cannot exist without organization.

Are you a Self Starter?

This means, are you the sort of person who will work on a project and hand it in before the due date? Are you 100% sure you are going to take the time out almost every day to do the work.

Are you Good at Keeping to Time Limits?

This is not about your work deadlines, but is about your motivation. You need to set scheduled times to work every day, and if you cannot stay within those chosen time limits then you are likely to suffer with online education.

Can you Push yourself to do Monotonous Tasks?

If something has to be done, do you do it? Do not assume that your online education is going to be hard, or that is will be exciting. Even the most fun activities become monotonous after a while and you need to be ready for this.

Do you Often Lose Things?

If you often lose things then you need to become a lot more level headed and organized or you will not have the mentality to complete online education.

Do you Leave Deadlines until the Last Minute?

This is typical of a lot of people, and even though there is a little bit if leeway in modern colleges, there is little with online education. This is because your work will snowball until you cannot catch up.

Are you able to Keep to a Schedule?

Online learning courses also have essay deadlines and work project deadlines that you have to achieve. Some people mistakenly believe that online learning is flexible in this respect, but they are misunderstanding the nature of online study. Your deadlines are very real, but the times of the day and the week that you work are flexible.

Can you Afford an Online Education?

It is very expressive to study online. It is only marginally cheaper than going to and attending a real-world college. You need to be prepared to take on a lot of debt.

What benefits will your Education give you?

If you are looking into studying online, then you must have a reason and that reason needs to be a benefit. There must be an overriding benefit to you learning your course, or A: What is the point? and B: How do you intend to stay motivated when the task is pointless?

Can you make a Motivation Plan based on those Benefits?

This means can you look into the future and see yourself benefiting from your education. What will it give you and why is that good? Can you make a plan for your future where your qualification features highly within?

What do you Stand to Lose if you Fail at your Online Education?

You are going to lose a lot of money or be placed in a lot of debt. But, what else is there that you will lose? Will you lose a job prospect? An opportunity for a better life? A scenario where you can join your lover abroad? Ask yourself what you are going to lose, as it will act as a very good motivator during the difficult times.

Is the Subject you are Taking going to Keep you Inspired and Alert?

If you are not taking a course that you find interesting or engaging, then there is a far smaller chance of you passing it. Even the courses that thrill you are still going to become monotonous, so be wary of taking courses you are not 100% invested in.

Are you just doing this because your Life is in a Rut?

That is the biggest motivator for mature students, and it is also why so many students fail at online education. If you suspect that this is your primary motivator then you need to go back to the drawing board because online education is not for you…yet.

Do you know Anybody who is doing the Course Too?

People who have study buddies and know other people doing the same course are far more likely to complete the course and pass. That is another reason why people who attend real-world institutions have more of an advantage over those who learn online.

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