6 Characteristics Of An Outstanding Team Leader

6 Characteristics Of An Outstanding Team Leader


Choosing An Outstanding Team Leader

What makes an outstanding team? That would be an outstanding team leader, that’s why a team leader has to be carefully chosen. There are certain criteria to consider when choosing the leader of a team. What does the candidate believe in? What principles or core values does he or she share with the company? Shared values with the team are actually important. Organizations may sometimes dismiss that, but shared values can be the common bond, or the glue that holds a team together.

If somebody would take a review of why some organizations fail, then incoherence in core values may be a factor. Core values are part of the foundation of an organization or a team, and there are positive core values that would serve such groups well. Precursors to these positive values are respect, honesty, kindness and knowing the difference between right and wrong. These then lead to one of the most important core values which is courage. Courage is in fact the core value that enables a person to act on their values in general. It is courage that gives a person boldness to adhere to their core values in good and tough times.

Characteristics of An Outstanding Leader

So what are the characteristics of an outstanding team leader?

  1. Loyalty- faithfulness and commitment to the core values of the team
  1. Having the heart to serve- the willingness to serve and help others. The best candidate for a team leader is a service- oriented person because he or she is a dynamic person and a people person.
  1. Ability to teach- the ability to influence, teach and guide the team. An outstanding leader directs the team to the right path. He or she teaches the team to do the right things and be responsive and obedient.
  1. Leadership potential- the skill and knowledge to lead team members with different personalities in a fun and easy way. A natural leader is gifted with the talent and potential to lead and influence.
  1. Zeal – willingness to train committed people and to develop the potential of passionate team members. It takes the proper skills, time and effort to train team members and an outstanding team leader must be willing to render that. Training and developing and boosting the potential of the team is necessary for optimum productivity.
  1. Respectfulness to mentors and team members- the attitude of respect to other people, not just those in with more power and authority, but also subordinates. Humility is essential for a team leader wherein he or she doesn’t act overly superior.

These are characteristics to look for in an outstanding team leader that can enhance and create a successful team that can perform for different jobs in Pakistan.