Getting Much More Than Just Uniform Tax Rebate


It could be that the individual residing in the United Kingdom might be thinking of trying to claim uniform tax rebate. The fact is that there are thousands of people in the region, who are said to be contemplating the same thing. Generally, it is understood that by applying directly to the HRMC or via those tax rebate companies, people can look forward to reducing the tax amount that is required to be paid and avail small lump sum.

The issue with trying to clam a uniform rebate in tax is that there are many people, who also tend to qualify for equipment and tools required to complete the job, which also includes business miles, which are needed.

Few Examples

Through examples, the understanding becomes all the easier, better and faster.

  • Standard uniform rebate in tax – average value of claim being £69.
  • Uniform claim including tools – average value of claim being £199.
  • Uniform claim including mileage allowance – average value of claim being £416.
  • Uniform claim including mileage allowance or tools requiring self assessment – average value of claims being £1225.

From the examples given above, it can be clearly viewed that most people. who just perform standard claim, which seems quite easy to them, are actually missing out on Pounds in hundreds. Hence, in order to be clear that the individual can claim for previous tax of four years, but not the prevailing one.

How to Get More Tax Back?

There is a need on the part of the individual to complete few standard HMRC Forms known as P87s. On these, the person needs to detail all the expenses. He/she is required to complete a single one for every year that is being claimed, which would be totaling to four. Once this is done with, the next thing to do would be to submit them to the HMRC and then wait.

Getting Professional Assistance

Headline grabber here is termed to be uniform claim including mileage allowance or tools requiring self assessment. The HRMC states that claims having £2500 or greater value turns into self assessment claim. Although the individual is PAYE employed person, he is required to complete one. If it is something that sounds tricky, then fortunately there are several tax rebate firms present that offer such services for people, who need assistance with their tax refunds. These professionals are likely to advice as to what could be claimed and how to maximize it. The self assessment returns would then be completed by them on the individual’s behalf, and it is now possible for the person to enjoy getting maximum rebate with average being around £1225. It is all for taxes overpaid by the person in the last four years.

The choice here is completely left to the individual, either to claim some uniform rebate in tax or to make it large and derive the most that is possible by taking the assistance of the professionals. Typically, the very best professions who can claim are HGV drivers, security guards as well as armed forces.

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