5 Benefits Of Virtual Receptionist Services To A Business Owner And Customers


A receptionist is an important person in many successful organisations or businesses. However, small sized businesses and organizations may find difficulty running this department full time because of cost implications. In this respect therefore, a virtual receptionist service is available. The virtual receptionist will offer the business a number of merits which will see it grow from strength to strength. The benefits of virtual receptionists and telephone answering services to a business include the following:

  1. Calls are Answered during Business Hours

With a virtual receptionist services, you are sure that all your calls will be answered during business or working hours. This is not true with businesses where a full time receptionist is employed; but virtual receptionists have no vacations or breaks. This is an important aspect as customers will not miss an answer on what they were looking for from a particular business or organization. Also, as a business man or woman you will not miss out on business since your receptionist went to the bathroom or lunch break. In some cases when receptionist go on vacation, businesses or organizations are forced to hire others on a temporary basis to answer and make calls till the experienced one comes back. This is not true with virtual receptionists.

  1. Customer Service is Same Throughout

With a virtual receptionist, knowledgeable and experienced persons are ready to answer customers’ issues. This is an advantage to both the business and customers as business activities will be run in a particular way throughout. In some businesses when on site receptionist is absent, a virtual receptionist takes over. Virtual receptionists are trained in such a manner that they are able to handle all the issues thus benefiting the organization and customers much more.

  1. Better Management of Time

Time is a resource and if wrongly managed, organizations will lose a lot of money in terms of man hours. Having someone take your calls will help in prioritizing your work as you only deal with reports and notices that you receive from your virtual receptionist. On the other hand depending on what message you receive from your virtual receptionist, some you may pass to some departments for action. In the long run, this leads to increased performance from the staff members. This will also help in meeting the requirements of clients as there are some which may need urgent attention whereas others may not. A virtual receptionist will help in planning for the business thus avoiding time wastage.

  1. Professional Image

In business, the first impression that you create when dealing with your customers is important and this is dependent on the receptionist. For instance, when calls are answered professionally without any delay this sends a strong message to the caller that the company is organised. A virtual receptionist will take calls on behalf of the company and will pass whatever the message that clients leave to them to the business for action. Lost revenues will also be minimised along with negative feedback thanks to professional and knowledgeable virtual receptionist services provided by Message Direct.

  1. Saves Money

Customer care service is an expensive section for those businesses or organizations that want to retain a full time receptionist. In this regard therefore, a virtual receptionist will be the better option to a business. This is because the amount of money that will be paid to a virtual receptionist is almost a quarter the cost of hiring a full time receptionist. In addition to this, a virtual receptionist can be able to handle large volumes of calls at relatively low costs as compared to having a full time receptionist.