How To Care For Your Hot Tub or Spa


Now you’ve installed your new hot tub or spa you’ll need to learn how to care for it properly. Those new to hot tubs will not be familiar with all the different products and procedures you need to follow to extend the life of the various components, so take some time to read up below a guide we’ve put together with on what you can do to help.

Hard Water Can Cause Problems

If you live in an area of the country with hard water then it can cause one or two problems. Calcium is not good for hot tubs and can lead to clogging of the filter with lime scale and damage to the heater, which in turn can cause unnecessary spending on chemicals to try and sort out the problem. There is however an alternative but cheaper way of avoiding this problem and that’s to purchase a Darlly Pure Stream Pre-Filter. It’s not a water softener but a de-ioniser and is designed to last around two years or six fills. It works extremely well by rendering the calcium harmless to the system so it can’t cause damage to the various components; a far cheaper option than a repair.

Why Not Purchase A Maintenance Kit?

As a newcomer to the joys of a hot tub or spa, it may be a good idea to purchase a maintenance kit which comes with all the things you need to keep your tub clean. Included is an underwater vacuum to remove dirt and debris which can collect on the bottom, a drainage hose and pump attachment for emptying your hot tub, a cleaning mitt and spa brush to remove dirt quickly and easily, cover wipes to keep the cover clean and other items designed to make cleaning an easy task. Regular use of these cleaning implements will ensure your hot tub is kept in good clean, germ-free condition and will help to extend its life.