How Does A Solar Power Battery Work?

How Does A Solar Power Battery Work?


Other than giving us the glow that we so desire from its rays, man has used the sun for centuries for practical and useful purposes.

From the Romans using it to warm up their famous baths to using mirrors to harness the heat to create fire for religious rituals, making use of this ever-present (if we’re lucky) source of energy is nothing new.

Yet the advent of solar power and the invention of a solar power battery has taken things to another level and is becoming more and more prevalent. In fact, Americans produce an estimated 97.2 gigawatts today.

Most of this energy isn’t used straight away but stored in the aforementioned solar power batteries. But what makes them tick? Read on to find out.

How Batteries Works

It is best to go back to basics when trying to understand how a solar power battery works. So let’s first focus on how a normal battery operates.

A lithium-ion battery is the most commonly used for solar power so we’ll break them down.

As some of us may remember from high school chemistry lessons, (don’t worry if you didn’t pay attention!) there are three main elements to a battery. The cathode is the positive terminal, the anode is the negative terminal, and the electrolyte is the fluid that the electrodes can move in.

Upon being charged positive ions lose electrons and move from the cathode to the anode freeing up those all-important electrons that can store the new energy. When you stop charging, be it through unplugging or in our case when the sun goes down, the process is reversed when using the battery power.

But how does the sun give the battery what it needs? Let’s break it down.

How a Solar Power Battery Operates

We have all seen and perhaps almost been blinded by the sunlight reflecting off solar panels. The powerful sunlight light is in fact made up of light particles called photons and solar panels are constantly peppered by them throughout the day.

Imagine what is happening upon contact as popping bubble wrap. The photons knock out electrons from the atoms in the panels which are now charged and they move through the panels to metal conductors.

There is one problem though. This process produces DC electricity and most homes are AC.

Hence the need for an inverter to be installed in any property that wishes to use solar power. The inverter converts the usually 48 volt DC energy from solar power to the 230 volts that most homes require. At times inverters are already integrated onto the panels themselves.

Lastly, the only place for the new energy is onto the all-important solar power battery! This same simple principle applies to everything solar powered from a radio to a solar-powered generator.

The Benefits of Solar Power

Solar power is becoming more and more popular and there are at least 2 clear reasons as to why.

With ever-increasing energy bills, having solar power gives you the option of programming it for use when charges are higher throughout the day, saving you money.

It also provides a safety net for homeowners and businesses that may have disruptions to their service. Although unable to power a whole home in most cases, you would be able to choose critical areas, such as your kitchen to receive charge should the worst happen.

Are Solar Batteries Are Worth It To Use?

Solar batteries are nowadays very much essential for all the houses to store electricity. It helps them to use solar or electric power whenever there will be no electricity. With the latest technology or day, it gets updated with different types of features, so that the users can get all the services that these solar batteries provide to all its users.

Besides that, there are numerous things that you should know about solar batteries! If you do not know or want to know about these batteries then you can search on Google to find out the information as well. A lot of varieties are available in the marketplaces and you will have to pick up the best batteries for yourself to use it. Moreover, before buying the solar battery one should check all the facilities that the particular battery offers.

In this present time, there are thousands of people who are daily buying solar batteries and making use of them as well.

Reasonable Cost

In addition, in terms of the cost or price of this solar battery, you can get the solar battery within your budget. However, it is always better to buy the best quality or branded solar battery. Better quality and the branded solar batteries can bring all the best services for you and you will be fully satisfied after using the battery as well. Moreover, you will get a warranty card as well so that if you face any kind of trouble you can replace it as well.

Powered up for the Future

As we have seen, the process of how a solar power battery works is simple but effective. We can only hope that more extensive use of this renewable energy source means good things for our planet.

We hope that you found this breakdown clear and insightful. If you did don’t hesitate to check out more of our tech and science content on our site!


Therefore, all these things are very helpful to know how the solar battery works and some other important things as well related to it. Hope this little piece of information increases your knowledge about the solar battery.