Hot Tub Owner? Make Your Life Easier With These Accessories


Nobody can pretend that buying a hot tub or swim spa is cheap, so you may have saved up for some time before making your purchase. With this in mind, you may have limited yourself to just one or two accessories at the time that you considered necessary. Hot tubs and swim spas, although they can be used with the minimum of extras, do benefit from the additional items that are available to enhance your enjoyment. So, as such, let’s take a look at what there is available out there, taking a look this time at the products available from Aqua Spa Supplies.

If you enjoy aromatherapy then you will almost certainly enjoy the aromatherapy crystals that are available to use with a hot tub. Made from a natural range of botanicals and oil free so they won’t damage your hot tub, they create a pleasant fragranced experience that will moisturise your body and relax your mind at the same time. As an alternative you could have an aroma injector installed which uses a liquid instead of the crystals and can dispense up to 200 doses at the touch of a button. Just make sure you get it installed by a qualified spa technician though.

To make your life easy you’ll need a selection of cleaning accessories for your spa or tub. Try the spa vacuum which can remove debris and dirt from the bottom of your hot tub or spa without too much effort.

If you’ve been neglecting your hot tub and it has become a bit dirty and showing signs of algae, then you’ll want something that will help you to restore it easily. Try a cleaning mitt that will remove the dirt and algae without scratching the surface with minimum effort. It can be used with or without cleansers and will have your tub looking at it’s best in no time at all.

Although non of these items are absolutely essential, there is no doubt that they will enhance your enjoyment of owning a hot tub or spa and can be added to at a future date.