10 Important Questions To Be Asked During Background Check


Background check of an employee has become very important these days with more and more companies trying to avoid any bad hiring decision at all costs. An incorrect hiring decision can also cause severe financial and legal obligations to the company and it is therefore important that the background checking is thorough. This article talks about some of the important things that one can ask during the background check of a prospective employee.

  1. Previous Job Responsibilities

Every company is looking to hire a good employee whose qualities match with the new job responsibilities. Therefore to check this fit it is important to see what was the person doing in the previous job. It is also important to see what were the tasks assigned to the potential employee and how did he or she perform in them.

  1. Previous Salary Details

Before making a final job offer it is important the employer and the employee come to an agreement in terms of the salary and financial remuneration. It is therefore important to know about the details of the person’s starting and ending salary to gauge the performance and to make the job offer accordingly.

  1. Residential History

The residential history of the person is also important to make sure that the place of residence is not far away from the office and the person would not have any issues with relocation if the need be. It also serves as a good measure of person background check.

  1. Tax Payment History

The tax payment history is important because it tells the company that the potential employee has not done any tax evasion that can become the company’s liability.

  1. Criminal Records

If a person with a criminal record is hired it can become a serious legal liability for the company, jeopardise security and also put the other employees in potential danger. Therefore the criminal record of an employee needs to be checked.

  1. Financial History of the Employee

It is important to know the financial history to understand the employee’s credit history and to ensure that the employee will not misuse the funds of the company in any way.

  1. Checking for References

Good professional references from the previous company make sure that the employee is fit for rehiring and will do the work properly.

  1. Certificates of Medical Fitness

The potential employee should be medically fit for the job and a good pre hiring check should be able to ensure that this medical fitness.

  1. Conduct in the Previous Company

This can give the new employer valuable inputs about how good the employee was and other attributes like being a team player, a good leader and being punctual in office which are all important factors.

  1. Reasons Leaving the Previous Job

Hiring is a significant time and resource consuming activity for any company and the new company needs to make sure that the employee will not leave the job for any unforeseen reason. Therefore this question is important to answer.


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