Green Auto Repair Trend


Nowadays, people are actively looking for ways they can do their part in making the world a cleaner and greener place. People do things like opt for grocery items that contain ingredients that are safer to consume, yet don’t undergo chemical process or fertilization. While others may go to extremes when doing this, there are some that choose to do their part on a simple yet meaningful way—by opting for green hybrid vehicles.

Thankfully, there are now plenty of different hybrid car models available that are being produced by different car manufacturers throughout the world. These companies have grown to realize the need to provide such option to their consumers so they can have a hybrid car option that they can invest in. With plenty of hybrid car models to choose from, customers can easily pick out the model they want based on how well it fits their needs.

But as far as the auto industry is concerned, it has already done its part to provide their consumers with a hybrid vehicle. Once the car has encountered a problem, it needs to visit an auto repair station. The problem is that there aren’t a lot of green auto repair shops available yet. And with the number of waste that these companies produce on a daily basis, it’s still a surprise why green measures haven’t been taken into place.

For one thing, auto repair shops are filled with chemicals, coolants, lubricants and other materials that tend to produce a problem when they are thrown away. It is already a common sight to see different colors of liquids on the floors of these shops, as different chemicals are thrown away by accident. And apart from this, there is a nasty smell that overwhelms the air whenever you visit an auto repair shop. The list virtually goes on for just how unsanitary and damaging these shops are to the environment. But because they are a necessity for every car owner, they need to operate and provide their services the best way they can do it.

Thankfully, the government has already approved and regulated some standards that each repair shop needs to adhere to. Through approving this, they are able to mandate specifics and allow these companies to do their part in helping save the planet. While this has already been placed into use by the government, it is still the prerogative of each auto repair shop on how they would like to follow the environmental standards that green associations and the government have established together. They can choose not to follow these mandates as they continue doing their business in repairing vehicles.

For auto repair companies, however, which choose to follow these environmental standards, they can be certified and recognized as an official green business. To be considered as one, they need to adhere to a number of things. The first thing that green repair shops should do is opting for biodegradable cleaners to help clean up the spillage in their establishment. Especially since spills cannot be avoided, it is important for the auto repair shop to know how to properly clean up the mess left behind. The reason for this is so that the rain will not carry the toxic wastes into storm drains situated outside the repair shop. By cleaning up the floors, bay areas and parking lots, they are already able to do their part.

Another factor that auto repair shops need to follow to be considered as a certified green repair shop is that they be stricter with their preventative measures. This helps in preventing leaks from hazardous materials that could potentially contaminate air, water and landfill. What this means is that the repair shop needs to properly use, store and dispose of their toxic chemicals. While it could be a big help in reducing waste problems, it could also help the auto repair shop in avoiding spending money on wastage. Instead of wasting these chemicals, they get to save them and use them on other purposes.

Finally, green auto repair shops also need to use low-VOC paint on their customer’s vehicles. VOC refers to Volatile Organic Compounds, which are actually organic solvents that evaporate easily into the air. By opting for these compounds, they eliminate traditional solvents that produce immediate and long-term health problems.

With these measures, green auto repair shops can be regulated properly to see how well they are following the steps to help clean up the environment and lower the risk for pollution. Thanks to the growing number of auto repair shops that have taken the initiative to be environment conscious, they are also doing their part to help save the planet.

Written by the staff at KB Tire & Auto. KB Tire & Auto is the leading expert in auto repair Moberly MO has to offer.