5 Home Decorating Trends For 2015


If you have been considering revamping your home, 2015 may be the perfect time to take the plunge. From metals and gold fixtures to custom art and wholesale picture frames, we take a look at five home decorating trends for the forthcoming year.


Interior designers are going crazy for metal and that doesn’t mean a new set of chrome taps. Metal  is creeping into our homes in all guises and in all places, from wallpaper to flooring, appliances to furniture. The trend began with contemporary lamps and furniture and moved on to wire shelving units for a chic, minimalist look.

Gold Fixtures

Copper and brass fixtures were everywhere last year, but this year we can take this trend one step further. Gold is set to make a huge comeback in 2015. This retro colour will replace chrome and stainless steel in the most stylish homes across the country. Just make sure your don’t overdo it, unless you want your room to resemble an 1980s boudoir.

Custom Art

Custom art for your walls is a trend that has never gone away. You can buy canvas prints and create your own artwork. You could design your own painting or embellish your print with your own DIY materials. Another option is to buy a bunch of photo frames such as these  wholesale photo frames by wallspace  and get to work framing some favourite photographs. These can be grouped together in similar frames for an eye-catching wall display

On Trend Colour

Each year Pantone gathers a team of colour experts to decide which hue will win the coveted Colour of the Year title. In 2015 the award went to  Marsala , an earthy wine red, which is described by Pantone as an impactful, full-bodied and elegant grounded statement.  Marsala is the Pantone colour of 2015.

Marsala pairs brilliantly with grey, a colour that continues to dominate in the home and will work well with crisp whites and other neutrals. Other popular colours will be a warmer spectrum of reds, pinks and oranges, set to replace the cool greens and blues of recent years.


Get ready to wave goodbye to plain white walls, wallpaper is coming back in a big way. In 2015 everyone will be going crazy for textured wall coverings and patterns, whether you choose to go the whole way and paper the entire room or play safe with a feature wall. Wallpaper will also make a a move towards the kitchen as interior designers look for new ways to add interest and colour to the kitchen.

These are just some of the key home decorating trends for 2015. Of course, home decor is a matter of personal taste and you don’t have to slavishly follow fashion to have a lovely home. Even if you just want to make small changes, you can pick up accessories such as wholesale photo frames and wall art, which could add a dramatic new look to any space when matched with a fresh coat of paint.