A Guide On Scholarships and Grants For LGBT Students

The Right Sofa For Your Home


Most people feel intimidated by the prospect of buying a new sofa for fear of spending a lot of money on one that isn’t right for them. A good buying guide can allay any such fears. A sofas buying guide is a great informative tool that can help consumers like you obtain the right sofa for your home.

A buying guide will inform you about all the different types of sofas available, from budget sofas to high-end ones. It will explain what to look for and what to ask the salesman when you eventually go to see and choose your sofa.

How Large should your Sofa be?

Make sure you know the size of sofa that’s right for the room that it will be placed in. A large sofa is great, but if it’s going to restrict access to parts of the room, then you should think of a smaller option, which will be cheaper and more easily placed elsewhere in the room if necessary.

Frame Construction

The harder the wood used in the construction of the frame, the more durable and long-lasting the sofa will be. Hard woods such as oak or beech are your best bet and will last for many years. You also want the legs to be strong and either part of the frame or screwed, not just glued, onto the frame.


A good sofa has good springs. Serpentine springs which are long lengths of stiff wire in a zig-zag shape offer good support but make sure there’s enough of them and that they’re quite close together. A good buying guide will show pictures of what to look for.

Fabric Choice

A sofa shouldn’t just be comfortable, it should also be hard-wearing and pleasing to the eye. Your buying guide will list each fabric type including wool, cotton, linen, and leather and list the advantages and disadvantages of each, such as stain resistance, colour fading and ease of cleaning.

A Guide On Scholarships and Grants For LGBT Students

The Filling

A sofa must be soft and comfortable for many years, so the cushion fillings are important. Polyester and polyurethane foam are fine if cost is a concern as they’re among the cheapest fillings. However, they’re not as long-lasting as the more expensive high-resiliance foam or feathers fillings.

Summing up

When you finally go to look at sofas, don’t be afraid to take your sofa buying guide with you. Use it as a reference to remind you of what to check and what to ask about. You’ll be glad you did.