Fine Art Galleries - How Galleries Sell Paintings Online

Fine Art Galleries – How Galleries Sell Paintings Online


What comes to your mind when someone mentions an art gallery? A room full of expensive art pieces exhibited for high society people to admire and purchase exquisite pieces of art. A place where you are supposed to stay quiet, behave elegantly and strictly not touch anything. Many people find the idea of visiting an Indian art gallery very intimidating. If you have ever visited one, then you know what we are trying to say. An art gallery is a place where aesthetic art pieces such as paintings, sculptures, sketches are displayed for the primary reason of selling. These are the works of famous artists such as M.F. Hussain, K.G. Subramanyan, and Amrita Shergil etc. For common people to enjoy the works of critically acclaimed and world famous artists, art galleries have been established all across the country. Indian art galleries are famous worldwide for displaying a wealth of paintings as old as 200 years.

The culture of art galleries in India can be traced back to the early 1900s when British were introducing reforms to inculcate a sense of western learning into the young Indian people. And the very same time, Indian modern art form was also in its nascent stage. So the erection of art galleries gave a much needed boost to the new style of Indian art and paintings that was emerging throughout the country.

Modern day Indian art galleries display, sell and even purchase visual fine arts. Most of them specialize in a certain type of art, such as abstract art, traditional Indian art etc. While some Indian art galleries display a variety of styles that are painted by a specific artist. Some artists use art galleries as a medium to market themselves. They pay the art gallery owners commissions as a part of fee for making their paintings available to the common people. So it is the responsibility of the art gallery owner only to market the artist so as to stir the art enthusiasts’ interest regarding what new the artist has to offer. But when it comes to promoting young talent, there is very little traditional Indian art galleries have to offer. There are other limitations as well that are sorted by online art galleries.

An online art gallery, as the name suggests is a virtual platform that indulges in trading of art. They are just like traditional art galleries expect you can visit them just by staying in the comfort of your home. All you have to do is log onto the online art gallery. It is that simple. Once you have landed on the website you can set the filters according to your preferences and begin with viewing the art pieces of your choice. The best thing about web galleries is that they do not have any physical storage limitations. They are capable of accommodating literally hundreds and thousands of art pieces of various types. Since the buyer is virtually browsing the gallery, high quality images of the paintings along with its description are provided so as to help him in case he wants to buy paintings from the online art gallery. Many galleries provide the option of art advisories for people who want to purchase art for a specific purpose such as for home decor or gifting.

People buy paintings for a lot of purposes. Some like to collect them, some like to decorate interiors using them and some like to study them for academic purposes. Online art galleries have something to offer to every art enthusiast and collector. They keep people updated with what’s new in the world of art and what are the upcoming trends. Young and budding artists that do not have enough resources to spare to market themselves and their works, can rely on the services of web galleries. Unlike their offline counterparts, online art galleries charge very less commissions from the artists. They help the young talent to display their works along with that of seasoned artists, thus, helping them gain a much needed global audience.

A lot of people depend these days on online art galleries to buy paintings. Everything, from viewing the paintings to placing the order and having them shipped right at your doorsteps, is done through the internet. With just a few clicks of mouse and without leaving the comfort of your home, you can submerge yourself into the mystique world of art. A lot of web galleries provide free shipping and don’t even charge for handling the shipment. They also hold online auctions for world famous paintings every now and then. This is a good feature as people can bid for the paintings they want by staying anonymous. The payment process is carried over government approved and heavily protected payment gateways. So you need not worry about internet security in order to buy paintings.