Abstract Paintings and From Where To Purchase Them

Abstract Paintings and From Where To Purchase Them


In certain forms of art, everything is precise. From the idea or subject of the painting, to the techniques used to create that art piece, everything is pre-determined by the painter. An artists has a clear idea of want he wants to depict on the canvas and show his audience. This is the reason why some paintings look genuine on a bigger scale. But when it comes to abstract art, the boundaries between precision and vagueness start to diminish. More than the theme and the reality behind it, it is the artist’s perception of the subject that matters when we talk about abstract art form. There are a lot of famous abstract art pieces that can be used to support this statement. Salvador Dali, Jackson Pollock and Hans Hoffman are famous abstract artists that were known for creating the rules of art depending on their imagination and on how they viewed a specific thing. The techniques also vary from artists to artist. Techniques as diverse as, use of vibrant colors, brush drips, stroke work, shading etc. are quite evident in famous abstract art forms.

In case of abstract art, the name says it all. It is “abstract” in nature. It does not relate to anything in particular and it does not represent anything except for the artist’s imaginative state of mind. According to experts and art scholars, abstract art can be divided in two categories:

Figurative Abstract Art:

It deals with representation of something, an object or a situation using figures. Symbolic representation of an idea is put forward by the artist. Now, remember that we are talking about abstract nature of art. So understanding things are not going to be that easy. However, the artist does his best to simplify his perception of an object by avoiding background details.

Emotional Abstract Art:

Abstract Paintings and From Where To Purchase Them

It is the more expressive form of art. The artist lets his mind and creativity flow. In addition to being aesthetic, this form of abstract art is also narrative in nature. Emotional abstract art stirs the viewer’s emotional responsiveness.

A lot of people like to collect famous abstract art pieces for plenty of reasons. There is not a single art collector in the world who does not have an abstract painting in their collection. Because of its aesthetic nature and ability to speak to the masses, abstract art is used for interior and home décor purposes. It is common for hoteliers to hang up abstract paintings in the hotel rooms, lobbies, halls etc. for lighting up the ambience. Abstract paintings can be bought from galleries, both onsite and online. Onsite art galleries are rooms or buildings where paintings are displayed for the purpose of viewing and selling. Most of the people all over world use this option to purchase art. Even artists like to hold exhibitions of their work for the purpose of selling. However the online method of selling and buying paintings is comparatively convenient. To buy paintings online, all you have to do is visit a web gallery. Web galleries or online art galleries are virtual platform that indulge in trading of art. They are just like their offline counterparts except everything, from viewing paintings to purchasing, is done over the internet. The popularity of virtual art galleries has paved path for a very different kind of revolution. People don’t hesitate anymore when it comes to purchasing or selling valuable and famous abstract art. Every effort is done by the web gallery owners to make the experience a memorable one for its customers. To make it easy for artists as well, they charge very less commissions from them unlike traditional art galleries that make majority of their money by charging heavy commissions from the artists.

It is also safer to buy paintings online. The payment process is carried over heavily guarded and government approved payment gateways. Many web galleries provide free home delivery and charge no handling expenses. The whole experience of purchasing from an online art gallery is so smooth and effortless that people have started to prefer this option instead of purchasing from onsite galleries. Web galleries also help the young artists to display their work on a global platform.