Find Out How To Check For Domain Availability and IP Addresses


A domain availability search tool helps to retrieve the owner of a website with a particular domain name. There is generally ahuge database that includes domain names and their registered users. These databases are not confidential and can be accessed by anyone. Against each registered owner is his detailed information. Ideally, they keep updating their information from time to time so that anyone willing to contact them doesn’t get disappointed. If you have a website and want to have its domain name registered, you will first have to find out if a similar domain name already exists. By Using search tools that allow domain name lookup, you can find out if your chosen domain name has existing users. If you see that it has not been taken up, make haste and get it registered for yourself. If you discover that yours is not a new name, there are two things that you might wish to do. One, think of a new unique name, and two, shop for a unique name that interests you.

Registration of a domain name can also be done anonymously. So, you do it without divulging your identity. There are certain online service providers that are specialized in creating anonymous domain names that are not linked to the owner’s information.

Just as there are domain name lookup tools, IP address check tools are available online. If you are sick and tired of spammers and desperately want to find out where they actually are located, then use an IP address checking tools and trace the concerned IP address. If it’s a good hacker, he will take steps to ensure that his IP address doesn’tget revealed. And in case it’s a spammer, he will probably use a proxy server to hide his identity. Then how is it possible to find out the exact location of the computer for the corresponding IP?By availing one of the multitudes of online IP search tools that are not only precise but also reliable. Most of these tools offer a range of geo-location services. Just enter the IP address in the field meant for it, and you get the geo-location linkedto the IP with a marker on the Google map.

Although, there are separate online services for both the purposes, you can go for certain clubbed Domain availability and IP search tools. These tools offer domain name and IP search facilities together. The information that you receive includes the telephone no. ofthe hosting service along with their email address- more than sufficient to serve your purpose.  Most of these are paid services. However, some offer them for free.

For a more satisfactory experience, you can opt for tools that equipped to tell you about the operating system installed in the concerned computer. While these tools are helpful in tracking a foreign IP address, they also let you find out your own. A smart deal, isn’t?

Generally, the IP databases are regularly updated to avoid unnecessary confusions and inconvenience.