Employee Productivity: The Real Impact Of Clean Workspace For Your Staff


Most organizations are so focused on their day to day activities of acquiring more leads, keeping the costs down, managing the staff, and boosting the revenues. Of course, all of these have a significant impact on the company as a whole. 

However, creating a healthy work environment for their employees can be compromised as a result. Health, employee morale, and productivity are a few crucial things companies overlook today.

In this post, we’ll show you how a healthy and productive working environment has positive long term effects for your business.

Office cleaning improves your employees’ health

Having a clean work environment improves employees’ health. It also decreases the number of time employees is out, sick.

Moreover, surfaces can be easily contaminated if there is no regular, and thorough cleaning. For instance, do you know that the average work keyboard has roughly about 7,500 bacteria on it?

Research from the University of Arizona even found out that keyboards contain 3 to 4 times more bacteria than the average toilet seat. Gross, right? Well, mainly this is because a lot of employees are eating their lunch at their desks, or practicing poor personal hygiene like not washing their hands.

So the growth of these harmful organisms heightens the risk of employees getting sick. It also increases their chance of catching contagious illnesses like flu and colds.

Another health issue a dirty workspace will cause is triggering allergies. When filth accumulates in the workplace, this heightens the amount of dust and allergens. As a result, this can lead to allergic reactions, scratchy throats, dry eyes, and asthma attacks.

When you start to realize that employees could get sick if they don’t have a clean workspace, you’d know how important cleanliness is.

Cleanliness boosts office morale

Another critical factor why you should maintain a clean workspace is to boost employee morale.

When the morale of the office goes down, then it can hurt productivity.

That’s why to prevent this from happening; you must take pride in maintaining a clean workspace. If you have a desk and office that’s clean and organized, it makes you feel your staff feel good about how they work.

This great feeling is something your employee can share with their other co-workers. Remember that emotions can be contagious. It means that your other staff can feel a boost in morale as well.

Cleanliness increases your employees’ performance

According to Maid Sailors, an Office Cleaning Services NYC company, “Having a messy work area wastes your employees’ time when they’re looking for things. Aside from the excess clutter, employees get distracted easily because they’re always trying to make sense of the disorganization.”

A clean office, on the other hand, helps your staff focus more on what they’re doing, so these things could be done more quickly.

It’s because a clean office creates fewer distractions, allowing your staff to do their work more productively. Work productivity will increase if things stay organized as much as possible.

Well-maintained workspace makes employees happier

Most of your workers consider the office as their second home. That’s why it needs to be kept clean and tidy at all times.

By having a well-maintained workspace, your staff can be more productive, efficient, and happy.

Consider that an average person spends at least 8 hours a day in a workspace. Therefore, you must ensure that workers are comfortable doing their tasks, and other work responsibilities.

Remember that you represent your brand and business. Employees can also make excellent marketing channels. They’ll talk about their work environment and culture within their network, and this includes their friends, family, and even people on social media.

If they aren’t happy or feel dissatisfied with their work environment, they’re less likely to participate in any company-related promotions.

Reducing clutter limits work distractions

A messy and cluttered workspace is distracting.  Decluttering is a way to achieve more clarity and focus. A study found out that both clutter and overstimulation tend to affect one’s efficiency and attention.

The best companies will always ask employees to keep their entire workspace clean and organized. It’s because a messy workspace of a co-worker can easily distract others.

Tidy workspace reduces stress

When the workplace isn’t clean, stress levels only increases. Your staff can quickly feel overwhelmed, and distracted if they have a crowded, and dirty workspace.

As a result, it makes the work environment stressful than it already is.

So the cleaner the workspace will be, the less stress your employees will suffer.

Aside from that, high levels of stress is a sure-fire way to kill employee productivity. So, having a clean and well-organized workplace for your employees will help alleviate these problems.

Stress is the number one leading cause of health problems. It includes trouble in sleeping, depression, fatigue, drug abuse, and stomach issues.

All of these stress-related health problems can significantly reduce workplace productivity, making a clean office necessary at all costs.

How an office looks and feels significantly affects company culture and retention

Maintaining a clean and well-maintained workspace environment helps attract and retain employees. That’s why you’d see companies like Facebook and Google invest heavily in their work environments. It’s because it’s part of their strategy when it comes to staff hiring and retention.

It goes to show that making the right workplace decisions benefits your employees’ productivity. Aside from that, your employee retention will also remain consistently ‒ year after year.

Over to You

A healthy employee is also a productive employee. Those that tend to enjoy their jobs more are likely to engage more in work.

That’s why it should always in your best interest to make your workers happy and satisfied with their jobs by maintaining a clean and healthy work environment.

When you start to realize the advantages of having a clean workspace, then cleaning will be a company passion. The rise of productivity levels accompanied by a clean workspace is impressive.

By hiring a professional, thorough cleaning in your office is the best way to ensure that everyone in the company is working productively as possible.