Diploma In Operation Theatre Technician – A Prominent Job Oriented Course

Diploma In Operation Theatre Technician – A Prominent Job Oriented Course


Nowadays, many students want to read diploma in operation theatre technician. The particular course prepares students for performing in the operation theatre for playing a role as a reliable and capable technologist among members of a health care team, under the supervision and direction of senior doctors along with Technical persons. Training focuses on the skills and knowledge of detecting infection control policy as well as processes in the operation theatre.

Operation Theatre Technology Courses – An Overview

The courses diploma courses in OT are job-oriented. In this country(India), several variations of the specific course are available. Some of these prominent variants are Operation Theatre Management, Operation Theatre Technology, and Operation Theatre & Anaesthesia Technology.

The aforementioned subjects comprise of the same topics and the basic subjects along with training are same irrespective of the course name.

Operation Theatre Technicians are popular healthcare professionals and their jobs include helping Doctors in Surgery, organizing surgical instruments prior to surgery, sterilizing instrumentation prior to surgery, executing commands of the Surgeon in times of surgery, and so on.

Jobs of an Operation Theatre Technician

In a nutshell, OT Technicians perform at Operation Theatre of hospitals along with Intensive Care Units and Emergency Departments. Their main job is to help Surgeons and Doctors in times of emergency procedures or surgery. Below the hospital setup, these professionals are generally the member of a team consisting of Doctors other important professionals in the healthcare field.

The aforementioned OT Technology courses provide training students in various aspects including surgical instruments, surgical procedures, patient monitoring, anesthesia equipment etc.

Operation Theatre Technology – Courses

In this country (India), the courses of Operation Theatre Technology are available in 3 main formats and they are Bachelor of Science Degree courses, Diploma courses, and Certificate courses.

Although B.Sc. courses are more precious and detailed, however, the courses of Diploma in Operation Technology are job oriented as well. For the people, who prefer a shorter course, then Diploma is much better, as compared to the aforementioned Science Degree courses. Diploma in Operation Theatre Technology is also known as D.OTT.

In India, two formats of the particular course are available. The duration of the shorter one is 1 year long. However, the duration of the course of the regular Diploma in Operation Theatre Technology is 2 years. The course features classroom lectures along with practical sessions. The 10+2 passed students in any stream from a distinguished board can make their career in this field.

The employment areas of Diploma in Operation Theatre Techniques are Government Hospitals, Private Laboratory, Doctor’s Office or Clinics, Emergency Centres, Pharma Companies, and Colleges & Universities.

You need to search for the best college if you want to make your career in this field. Initial salary is dependent on several factors including employer’s profile, skills of the employee, grades and aptitude obtained by the employee etc.

If you have any questions in your mind regarding diploma in operation theatre technician, then you can ask an expert in this field or perform a search in the reliable internet resources.