5 Healthy Juices Every Woman Needs to Drink


Juices are a great way to hydrate yourself, feel healthy and of course, a tasty and healthy way to satiate your thirst. It is so easy to make juice out of your favourite fruit or vegetable, pour it into a thermos flask and just carry it and drink it on the go! By investing in a good juice maker for your home, you can eliminate the need to buy packaged juices and make different kinds of healthy juices! Here are a few healthy juices that every woman must drink! :

  1. Bottle Gourd Juice

Bottle Gourd or Lauki juice is a great choice of juice that every woman must drink. There are so many health benefits of drinking bottle gourd juice! It is an excellent cleanser for your body.It helps cool your body down from excessive heat and even helps you lose weight! It is also an excellent choice as a post workout drink and should be included in every woman’s diet.

  1. Bitter Gourd Juice

Bitter Gourd or karela is not a huge hit amongst most people due to its distinct bitter taste and smell.This juice can, however, do wonders for a woman.It is an excellent cleanser for toxins present in a woman’s body. It also helps clear out all kinds of digestive issues, which in turn shows effect by helping you have beautiful, flawless glowing skin. Bitter gourd juice is a great choice as a fat burning drink to be consumed during dieting.

  1. Pomegranate Juice

It is extremely important for women to constantly replenish their body of iron, vitamins and nutrients as their bodies. The rich and sweet tasting pomegranate juice is an excellent source of vitamins, nutrients, iron, and provides a healthy dose of antioxidants to your body. Pomegranate juice is also known to relieve stress, boost your moods as well as help with your heart health.

  1. Cucumber Juice

Most women know the amazing effects of applying a slice of cucumber on eyes during a spa treatment or even applying cucumber scrub or paste on their face for glowing skin. But, do you know the great benefits you can enjoy by drinking cucumber juice? Use your new juice maker to make tasty and healthy cucumber juice, which will have amazing benefits on your skin, hair, nails, and cleanse your system from the inside out!

  1. Amla Juice

A popular fruit found in India, Amla juice can have great benefits for a woman. This tangy fruit is great for reducing signs of aging, aiding your digestive health, boosting immunity, improving heart health, and so many more amazing benefits!

These are some of the healthy juices that every woman should include in her diet. These juices have tremendous benefits on their health. Buy the best juice maker and start juicing all your favourite fruits and vegetables! Enjoy the health benefits of having home-made juice.