Coordinated Paper Supplies For Your Big Day


Your invites are some of the most important aspects of your wedding planning. The style you choose can set the stage for the mood and theme of the day. As such, making sure you can order all the types of products you need to coordinate your invites and theme is important. When you order wedding invitations and stationery from Pure Invitation, you will rest assured you’ve made the right choice for all your needs.

Paper Supplies

Paper Supplies

No matter what type of ceremony and reception you are planning, there are many beautiful styles to enhance your day and give your guests a beautiful invite that makes them a welcome addition to your special day.

Styles to Fit Every Occasion

When your friends and family first hear of your upcoming nuptials, you create buzz and excitement. Everyone close to you starts to look forward to spending the day with you and celebrating your new life together. So don’t disappoint and send a generic, boring invitation when you can send a stunning, one of a kind creation that’s all your own. Whether you are looking to invoke a fun theme that promises a party-like atmosphere or an ultra-formal and traditional event, there is the perfect theme waiting for you to design it.

Taking the time to explore the many choices available, you’ll find lots of options to get you started. If you are looking for a classic and traditional style, for example, you’ll find contemporary choices with elegant embellishments. Vintage and shabby chic offerings also impart a classy polished look with special adornments that set them apart from the everyday invite. Select from many options that have elegant satin, lace or burlap bands around them. The accents you choose can also include unique buttons and jewelled accessories that add a special touch.

If you are planning a destination event, consider the destination ticket. If your guests are flying, surprise them with an invite that resembles a plane ticket and really include them in the excitement. There are also ticket styles that reflect a fun atmosphere like a venue ticket that even includes a tear-off perforation that becomes the R.S.V.P. Or, if you prefer, check out the other innovative and one-of-a-kind ticket designs that showcase different styles. Perhaps you can choose from a beach theme, a trip through the underground, a day at the circus or an evening at the theatre.

For more options, there are laser cut and lace style invites with many gorgeous patterns that you will quickly take a liking to. Their delicate style allows a glimpse at the text behind and presents such an elegant approach. Your guests will open the lace or laser cut cover and be able to see the crisp lettering beneath.

Then there are the parcel style invites which allow your guests to open up an entire invite package. Wrapped beneath crisp bands with lace or jewelled adornments, your invitees will find everything they need to inform them about the big event and respond in kind. Your matching R.S.V.P card and envelope will be right there to provide a convenient way to check off their choices and return their information. This will make your planning go quickly with fast returns to notify your venue and caterer.

Whatever your theme may be, there’s no need to worry. With so many beautiful and fun styles to choose from, you will soon be on your way to receiving your professionally created invites.

Coordinated Products to Complete your Needs

After you’ve chosen the style or design of your invites, now it’s time to get started on ordering your convenient and important additions that will help your day go smoothly. Matching R.S.V.P cards and envelopes ensure a proper count and a quick response when they are included along with your invite. You can also order Save the Date cards that match your theme as well, giving your guests an opportunity to mark that day off well in advance. This can be quite helpful during the busy season when you have several events on your calendar. Make sure they reserve a spot for your big day.

No doubt you will receive lovely gifts from your guests. You’ll want to, of course, thank them properly. Continue the theme with matching thank you cards and envelopes. Remember their gift fondly with a handwritten note on beautiful matching paper. They will be appreciated for their quality and the message inside as well!

Aside from all of that, you need to figure out if your ceremony or reception will contain a series of events that your guests need to know about. Be sure to create a thorough program to let everyone in on all the important happenings. These convenient, book style products have a lovely matching front that goes along with many of the coordinated styles. Your guests will be able to follow along with this beautiful keepsake. The inside can be as simple or as detailed as you need.

Consider including a menu card for the reception as well because it is a welcome addition that guests appreciate. Even if they’ve already chosen their preferred meal ahead of time, letting them know about the additional offerings and timing will be a nice touch. Inform them of delicious appetizers or where to find refreshments and what arrangements you have made for their comfort. If you are offering buffet service, listing the delicious choices can help them decide ahead of time what they want as they wait for their table to be directed to the buffet area.

When your guests arrive at the venue, give them the pleasure of finding their name at the table and inviting them to sit down and relax. Avoid the confusion of guests being uncertain of where to go and what if any seating arrangements have been made by providing this convenient item ahead of time. They can match your entire invite package or perhaps you will step away and design a menu card that reflects the appearance of the table or even matches the colours in your centrepiece.

Finally, to inform your guests about any additional information, order a matching card that can be included as an insert. Giving out of town or travelling guests pertinent information about hotels, transportation or other valuable details will be much appreciated.

All of these will surely go a long way towards making your wedding a wonderful celebration you and every guest will remember and cherish for the years to come.