How To Stay Healthy While Traveling

How To Stay Healthy While Traveling


Our health is usually a main focus in life but often falls into negligence while we are traveling. Perhaps it is the excitement of exploring a new place. Or the stress of going through all the planning and booking. Or the strange climate, food, and activities. There are many factors that can affect your well beings. And that is why many healthy people fall sick during a trip.

If you are planning a trip, therefore, it may be wise to think ahead of how you can protect yourself from sickness and diseases. Here are a few tips to take care of yourself:

Monitor what you Eat

You are at a new place, and it’s fine to indulge yourself right? However, you cannot deny the true fact that your body does not take a vacation. Whatever you eat can still affect your overall healthiness.

Therefore, be sure to monitor what you eat. Of course, you can still enjoy your favorite dinner or try new dishes. However, do so in moderation. If the dish is drowned in grease or packed with sodium and sugar, while it tastes good, it may make you feel sluggish and tired the next day.

If you are traveling abroad or to a new area that is not familiar to you, beware of strange food. Make sure to let your server know of any food allergy or intolerance that you may have. It may also be helpful to learn how to say it in the local language, to avoid any confusion.

Keep Yourself Hydrated

You will also need to keep up with your drinks. Being dehydrated can get you tired much faster than you would think! Plus, you may need more water than usual. For example, the dry air on the airplane may dehydrate you faster. Or when you walk around in the scorching tropical heat, be sure to replenish the water you lose through sweating.

Remembering to drink water may be difficult when you constantly move from one place to another. A good way to keep yourself drinking is to keep a water bottle with you and refilling it throughout the day.

Be aware that in certain countries, tap water is not safe to drink. When in doubt, boil your water or drink only bottled water.

Prepare Your Medications

If you are currently on any medications, such as insulin injection or asthmatic spray, be sure to pack extra. Also have a couple days worth of medications in your carry-on bags, in case your other suitcases got misplaced. Keep your insurance card and any prescription on you. It’s also wise to make copies and keep them at a separate place in case your wallet got stolen.

Aside from any medications that you are using, it’s also a good idea to pack over-the-counter medications for common sickness, such as cold pills, pain killers, and digestive medications.