Colva - A Popular Beach Resort In Goa Featuring 2.4 km Long Beautiful Beach

Colva – A Popular Beach Resort In Goa Featuring 2.4 km Long Beautiful Beach


Colva is one of the most popular beach resorts in Goa. It is a small village with a beautiful white sandy beach extending 2.4 k.m. in length. It is a famous tourist haunt offering a wide and divearse range of attractions and allures that generate huge interest amongst the tourists. Once filled with the lavish bungalows and villas of the Portuguese era, the place is now known for the lavish hotels, beach shacks, food stalls, and pubs and bars. The place is also noted for its high religious reverence. It is the host of the Colva Church called Igreja de Nossa Senhora das Merces that draws huge counts of pilgrims from all over India throughout the year. Particularly in the month of October when the annual Fama festival is celebrated here, the place sees a sudden rise in the number of visitors as pilgrims from all around the world visit the church to see the revered statue of Menino Jesus (baby Jesus).

Accessing Colva is an easy affair. It is just a few hours drive from Margao, which has the nearest railway station to the beach resort. Margao is often preferred by the tourists as reaching Colva from Margao is quite easy. The distance between them is about 7 k.m. and there is a large fleet of buses and taxis running between the two. Apart from that there are direct buses to the beach town from nearby cities like Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune etc. The Dabolim airport, Goa’s only international airport is about 29 k.m. away with daily flights to Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, and few other major Indian as well as international cities.

Being a place that remains continuously flocked by visitors throughout a year, the place houses a large number of hotels. In fact, the hotels in Colva are amongst the prime attributes of the place that today define it. Most of the good hotels are lined alongside the beach offering a tranquil and relaxed stay at reasonable price.

Colva has a lot to offer to the tourists seeking a fun vacation. Activities like swimming, sunbathing, collecting sea shells, and building sand house remain the popular activities. The beach also offers amazing views of the sunset and sunrise. One of the popular tourist activities here is trying the appetizing cuisines. Along with hotels the beach is dotted with a large number of restaurants, food stalls, pubs, and bars. From the mouth-watering flavorsome culinary cuisines to international cuisines there is a wide range of food to satisfy your taste buds. Additional to that, shopping is yet another popular activity here. One will find a great deal of variety here. However, make sure that you bargain before you buy. Tourists also often flock to the village adjacent to the beach. It is perhaps the best place to understand and explore the culture of the region. The village still ooze the old world charm and is a good place to spend some time in tranquility.

Like the rest of Goa the town experiences hot and humid climate. Time between November to February is best for planning a tour of the place. Simply visit the sea-side beach resort and pick from the best cheap hotels in Colva if your stay in the town is short.

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