Car Care Tips From IndyCar Series Champion, Will Power


Will Power is a motorsport driver, currently competing in the IndyCar Series for Team Penske. Will is the current IndyCar Series Champion. As part of a feature on Car Maintenance Advice from the experts, I was lucky enough to interview Will and get his top tips for maintaining and looking after your car.

What is your Dream Car?

Porsche GT3 Turbo

What was the First car you Ever Owned?

VL Commodore

What is your Most Memorable Driving Experience?

My first time testing an IndyCar, it was a very awesome experience…because of all the horsepower.

When you’re Driving how do you Minimise Wear and Tear?

Regular oil changes, make sure you get it serviced, but the biggest thing is not to thrash the crap out of a car.

What about when you’re Parking (do you seek out shady spots, etc.)?

I usually just seek out the spot closest to where I’m going, which really doesn’t make sense when I’m going to the gym because I’m going to the gym to get fit and walking those few extra steps is probably helping, so I should try to park as far away as possible.

How do you Prevent Tire Damage and Prolong the Life of your Tires?

Well, you prevent tire degradation by being very gentle on the throttle and very smooth.  Not too much slip angle, which will make the tires last longer.  The opposite of that is pushing really hard and locking the wheels up. One big thing, when you’re doing a lot of mileage is to make sure that the wheel alignment is dead straight, because it can definitely scrub the tires away very quickly.

How often do you Change your Engine Oil and Filters?

Every 1000 to 3000 miles (1,609 km to 4,828 km).

How do you Maintain your Cars Cooling System?

In today’s modern car you don’t really have to maintain that type thing all that much anymore, but I guess making sure you have fluid in it, helps to maintain the engine.

How Often do you Clean your Car Engine?

Honestly, not that often, because I travel all of the time, I don’t really drive my personal cars all that much. So, I don’t clean it like I probably should.

How often do you Wash and Wax your Car and Why?

I generally take them through the car wash when it gets dirty.  In the winter time I try to do it often to clean off the salt from the roads so that it doesn’t damage the car.

Do you Prepare your Car differently in Any Way for Seasonal Changes?

Not really. In the winter time, I always make sure to keep the windshield wiper fluid in the car because the salt from the roads can get on the windshield and makes it difficult to see when you’re driving.

How often do you suggest having your Car Inspected by a Mechanic?

Depending on how old it is…if it’s a modern car, once a year.

Any other Car Care Tips you’d Like to Share?

Be safe.  Don’t text and drive.  Keep focused on the road.