Boring Captured Video Clips Made Magical With Movavi Screen Recorder For Windows


The Movavi Screen Capture is the finest screen recorder for Windows. It is not just a normal screencasting program, but offers extensive features. Some normal screen shots and captured videos online can be turned into a great movie with the latest software gift from Movavi.

Want to share the favorite scene from your video game with friends? Then, the program will flawlessly capture the moment and be ready for uploading on the web within minutes. The editing tools can work magic on the captured video segments and the captured videos can be enhanced to give a more attractive look. Create your own movie by capturing videos from screen and share on Facebook directly from the program itself. Videos can be uploaded on YouTube, Vimeo and many more popular sites.

The user interface is very comprehendible and available in almost a dozen languages. Online manual and good support from Movavi ensures that the users can learn and make the best use of the tools. It is apt for gamers as it is packed with special settings to record games on full screen with automatic hotkeys. Now, create great online tutorial or presentations with screencast and audio combo without much effort. Cursor and keyboard movements can be highlighted to make the tutorial more comprehensive. Here is an insight about the technical specifications.

The software size is 55.7 MB and can run on any Windows platform including Windows 2000.
Different capture modes are available for recording screencasts, games or online video.
Settings can be adjusted manually like change the compression ratio, speed etc to give a smoother video.


1.Any kind of video can be captured be it Skype calls or online streaming ones.
2.Requires very little space for storage as well as operations.
3.Screenshots can be taken at any point including the time of video recording.
4.SuperSpeed mode is available to save videos at maddening fast speed.
5.Instruments can be connected to the system and sounds can be recorded from them as well.
6.In-built mobile presets to help save the captured videos in formats that are compatible with smartphones, iPads etc.
7.More than 180 different formats are supported for saving videos.
8.Videos can be directly shared on major social networking sites.


The Screen Capture is a perfect program to lend a professional touch to any simple captured video. It is a screen recorder as well as video editor. Any screen activity can be captured and shared online within a few moments. The program is very powerful which gives users freedom to customize the recording. Now save important conference calls, chats and a lot more with the screen recorder. It is highly recommended for novice users who wish to learn and make a mark as video artists