Best Gigi Hadid Dresses You Can Copy

Best Gigi Hadid Dresses You Can Copy


Celebrity fashion styles are quite hard to copy since they are from the world’s best designers. We all want to have what our favorite celebrity is wearing, we want to do what they are doing and above all, we want to be identified with them. Sometimes I think that celebrities do this on purpose so that they can be unique, which only makes us more adamant of acquiring or copying a certain dress design. However, Gigi Hadid has taken her fashion sense to the next level and every time we are left with our mouths wide open wishing that we were in her shoes. Her dresses are unique and some of them can be copied. Here are some of the best Gigi Hadid’s dresses that you can copy.

Night Out

Night outs are one of the best days in a person’s life. This is because, it is one of the places that we meet our soul mates, have fun and compete in regards to our fashion senses. Gigi has made nights out seem more possible and boosted our morale through her unique outfits and dresses. Just the other day, she wore a sequined mini dress that totally rocks for a night out. The dress is quite simple and sexy for a night out. Copying the look isn’t that difficult as the design is quite simple but achieving the same look might be a challenge.

Wrap Dresses

It is difficult to look and be proud of your appearance with wrap dresses. Therefore, many are looking for new inspiration in that area and Gigi is the best source. Her wrap dresses are worn with knee length boots making them fashionable and out of this world. The look is one of her most dreamed and famous fashion trends to ever come out in the fashion market. It also blends in with the street, which can be copied. Furthermore, if looking for a casual simple outfit, then the wrap dresses come in handy.


The material used to design this dress is quite hard to copy but the design in which the dress is made is another factor altogether. Metallics have been in the market for a long time. However, it is hard to fashion and come up with a single fashion trend. However, Gigi has introduced one of the simplest designs that look incredible astounding when worn. This is as seen in one of her photo shoots in New York. She was posing for summer dresses and a metallic dress was among them. With Gigi, you simply can’t go wrong with any material regardless of the time of the year.

Short or Long Sleeved

It doesn’t matter the design for the hands, Gigi will still be a queen once she wears it. At an event she showed up in a mini dress, high necked, embellished with specific eyelet details but the most stunning design was the long sleeved hands. In addition, it had cuff sleeves that perfectly matched the look. This dress might prove difficult to copy but yes, it can be done with precision to certain details. If tailored to your specifications, pulling it off will result in a stunned, elegant and beautiful appearance.

Maybelline Event

Black is a common color but when on Gigi Hadid, it is new, unique and bold color that you want for yourself. That is specifically the feelings that Gigi elicited when she came in with the beautiful ankle length black gown to the event. The cut out sections served to indicate the beauty of the wearer while perfectly complementing her skin tone. Furthermore, it had unique featured feathers at the very bottom, which added to the beauty of the dress; a stunning look that can be copied by the best of the best in the fashion industry. Her dress ended up becoming one of the most sought after fashion show.

David Jones Event

Mini dresses I believe are everyone’s favorite especially if looking to be sexy for a specific event. At the David Jones event, Gigi wore a low V-necked dress encrusted with a delicate design along the neck and joining the waistline. The dress is long sleeved which only adds to the elegance and sophistication it indicated. It is one of the most beautiful looks that Gigi has ever had. Furthermore, it is simple to copy the design of this specific dress.


Gigi Hadid’s dressing style is simple and elegant. She has quite a sense of fashion and has been one of the leading inspirational icons in the world when it comes to the leading fashion trends, which is essential as a model. Check her dresses out and you won’t be disappointed.