5 Favourite Yoga Retreats

5 Favourite Yoga Retreats


Over the last couple years, yoga retreats have dramatically increased in popularity. With so many people all across the world looking to escape the stresses of everyday life and work, yoga retreats have never appeared so appealing.

Many people travel the globe to broaden their mind and experience new life and culture, however it is the growing popularity of spiritual tourism that is quickly catching the eye of yoga lovers.

So to help you find the perfect yoga retreat to enjoy, we have compiled together 5 of the top destinations across the world.

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Morocco: Paradise Beach Resort

For those who dream of sitting on the warm, golden sand on one of Morocco’s most famous beaches, then the Paradise Beach Resort is for you. Creating the perfect picturesque setting, the calming and tranquil sounds of the ocean make it one of our favourite locations to relax, unwind and escape the stresses of the modern world.

Thailand: Absolute Sanctuary

Indulged with Moroccan inspired architecture, Absolute Sanctuary is perfect for those looking to detox and enjoy a wide range of Pilates and spa programs. Described as the top yoga retreat, they have a whole host of objective focussed activities to help you truly unwind and relax.

India: Swaswara

Renowned as a back-to-basic retreat, Swaswara encourages you to practise yoga outdoors. Each day begins with a yoga session on the beach and they also offer daily group yoga sessions.

Australia: Yoga Health Retreats

Founded over 13 years ago, the Yoga Health Retreat is immersed in a peaceful and natural sanctuary, decorated with views on the luxurious beach. Offering daily yoga sessions with a yoga pioneer, the Yoga Health Retreat is designed for those look to rejuvenate their mind and relax.

Mexico: Haramara Retreat

Perfect for those looking for an enchanting and tranquil setting, the Haramara Retreat is beautifully nestled between the hills and the sea. Built especially for yoga, there are plenty of tailor-made packages for you to choose from. A perfect destination for newlyweds, the Haramara Retreat also offer honeymoon packages.

So there you have it, 5 of our favourite Yoga Retreats for you to enjoy. However, for those looking to explore even more luxurious destinations, why not head over to Retreat Relax Release. With a whole host of beautiful locations, you will be spoilt for choice! So what are you waiting for? Beat those winter blues and plan you next relaxing trip today!