Bathing In Beauty – Create A Personal Escape


The bathroom of your home is one of the rooms that you probably spend a great deal of time in. It’s one of the first rooms you enter in the morning and the last room you visit at night. It can be your own personal spa if you are comfortable there.

Decorating it in a style you love is very important. Some of the accessories we choose for our bathrooms can be useful. Others are because we like the way they look.

Bathing In Beauty - Create A Personal Escape
A lot of people like to coordinate the color of the bathroom with a grouping of solid color or print accessories. You can add all kinds of interesting things to the bath like soap dispensers, lotion pumps, toothbrush holders and bar soap holders to tie everything together in the room. Photographs are a nice addition. Hang matching bath towels hand towels and washcloths on towel racks near the sinks and the shower. Place them in one single color or mix and match more than one that complements one another. Include wash cloths and fun loofas in the mix too if you’d like.

Wire baskets and shower caddies can hold everything you need in the shower. Smaller baskets on the countertops can hold lotions and make-up.

Bathing In Beauty - Create A Personal Escape

Remember the knit dolls our parents and grandparents all had on the backs of their toilets to conceal the extra toilet paper rolls? Those were great conversation pieces but there are all kinds of ways to store those extra paper rolls today to keep them handy for when they’re needed. Use a small cupboard, a basket, or a decorative stand. Keep your eyes peeled for something that will add some pop to the room’s décor and be your own original addition.

Personalize your bathroom and create a style and environment that makes you comfortable. Some of today’s popular décor themes for bathrooms include seashells and a beach theme, an outdoor or wilderness motif, and serene tranquil colors that set the tone for a relaxing soak in the tub. Candles are another popular addition today for every room in the home and the bathroom is no exception. Whether you use one or several that are decorative and aromatic for the bath they will add a nice look and smell great when lit.

There are all kinds of unique bathroom accessories that can create a warm and inviting room for you and your guests. The powder rooms in our homes get a lot of use, whether we are getting ready to leave our house for a big night out or sitting in the tub to relax after a hard day, make it one of your favorite rooms in your home.