7 Ways To Fight The Smoking Urge


You have been smoking cigarettes for some time and you doubt your ability to quit. Or maybe you have already quit and are tempted to take up a light once again. Either way, there are methods you can employ to stop the habit. We share seven of those strategies here.

1. Create a distraction. Once the urge hits, then create a distraction. That distraction can encompass a number of things, but it may involve the assistance of other people. The moment the urge hits you, find something else to do. For some people, playing an instrument works. For others, it is a well-timed phone call. Distract yourself and the temptation will move on.

2. Go take a walk. Smoking can make you feel restless. Instead of reaching for a pack of cigarettes, put on your walking shoes and head out. Or head to your elliptical trainer and start an exercise regimen. Channel your urge into something beneficial, such as exercise.

3. Reach for an electronic cigarette. Some people need assistance as they transition from smoking to a smoke free lifestyle. For them, a nicotine patch or gum will do. For others, an electronic cigarette is the way to go. Consider your options advises Vaped Inc.

4. Go for the munchies. The desire to put something between your lips can have you craving a cigarette in no time. Substituting foods for cigarettes can help, but it may cause you to put on weight if you are not careful. Select vegetables such as celery and carrots are good to munch on as they are healthful and won’t cause you to become fat. Just avoid the snacks that may satisfy you, but make you a larger ex-smoker too.

5. Hit the shower. What you may really need is a shower or a bath. You may feel nervous and warm water running over your body could be the best “+medicine” for you. A side benefit to showering is that once you are clean and rested, you’ll feel less likely to light a cigarette.

6. Wear a rubber band. Associating something unpleasant with smoking can help you stop. For instance, if you have ever noticed people walking around with rubber bands around their wrists, then you may have witnessed individuals who are taking a “painful” approach to quitting. Specifically, when the urge hits them, they pull and release the rubber band. That sting takes their mind off of the urge and moves it over to the pain.

7. Get up and dance. Another method for distracting yourself has to do with music. Here, you will simply put on your favorite music and get up and dance. Five minutes of frenzied dancing and you will forget what you desired. Moreover, you will get your heartbeat moving faster — and that is always a good thing!

Stop Smoking

Whether you choose one, two or three or more methods of smoking cessation, clearly you have effective ways to fight the urge. An accountability partner can help too, but when you’re by yourself you have to arm yourself in the best ways possible.