How Can I Make An Ear Surgery Compensation Claim?


Ear surgery is considered a straightforward procedure and poses a relatively low number of risks to the patient. However, it is still extremely common for ear surgeons to face medical negligence claims due to below standard treatment during procedures and unnecessary mistakes causing disfiguring and potentially life changing injuries. For those left to suffer with such injuries, they can cause serious physical and psychological pain, as well as large financial costs due to additional medical costs and even a loss of income for those suffering from severe pain. With the help of medical solicitors, it is possible to reduce the impact of such mistakes and gain the compensation you deserve to help you cope with the long-term effects of your surgery.

Risks of Ear Surgery

Despite the simple nature of the ear surgeries that take place around the country each day, there are still a number of issues that can arise when surgical teams fail to provide the care are entrusted to deliver. Some of the most common issues include:

  • misdiagnosis of symptoms, which can lead to excessive surgery for those with smaller, everyday issues
  • leaking of cerebro-spinal fluid, which can damage the ear
  • nerve damage caused during surgery
  • damage to the bones surrounding the eyes, which can cause severe pain
  • permanent loss of smell

Other serious risks faced by ear surgery patients also include infection, which can be extremely severe if left untreated and could cause long-term damage to your hearing. As well as this, many patients of ear surgery can face blood clots, which are another common risk and can spread to surrounding areas close to the brain, leading to a life threatening emergency.

Making an Ear Surgery Compensation Claim

In order to make an ear surgery compensation claim you must be able to demonstrate that your issues were a result of the surgery due to medical negligence. As the patient, you are responsible for proving that the level of care you received from your medical team did not meet the standard you should expect during ear surgery. If you can prove that the care fell below standard, then you must then prove that your injuries, whether physical or psychological, were a result of this negligence.

It can be difficult to prove negligence on the part of your medical team, particularly if you were suffering from an underlying problem before your procedure. However, with the help of an expert ear cosmetic surgery solicitors you can gain access to all the services you need to make your case. This can include access to the expertise and experience of a professional medical negligence lawyer, as well as access to an independent medical professional, who will provide you with the evidence you need to ensure your claim is heard in court and you gain the compensation you deserve.