Are You Afraid of Coworking? TOP 5 Alternatives to Choose From!


You can find coworking spaces in almost every big city today. Such an industrial city as Pittsburgh has thousands of attractive offers to rent a coworking space and work in a community of like-minded start uppers. Pittsburgh exotic car rental can help to take the best car hourly to meet all the requirements of a typical successful businessman. If you read more about coworking, you will learn many interesting things about this kind of cooperation. Not everyone will like it. And before you buy a membership try to look through all the alternative spaces you may also use to work in quiet.

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  1. Shared office

What is the point? There are many companies and big corporations with excess office space that give it for rent to freelancers and other start uppers. You share the payment and work under the terms and conditions you like. It’s really very comfortable because you pay less than for coworking but get all the necessary office facilities. Read your contract carefully. Your rent may not be legal in some cases.

  1. Cafes

If you want to work in quiet you should go to the nearest cafe. It’s a classic variant. Of course, having a writing job, you can spend your time in quiet and coffee with good result. But if you want to hold a business meeting or sign a contract, it can be really hard to focus on your work. Coffee shops and cafes come with the idea of informal friendly atmosphere, noisy tables, and buzzy people around. But most of the cafes offer free Wi-Fi and many cheap snacks. Of course, it would be impolite to seat in the café whole day for free. So, you can buy a lunch and much coffee.

  1. Library

As a rule, big cities have well-equipped libraries. It can be a private or state library, not important. People used to go to the library to work on their projects and pay nothing for that. Sometimes, you have to pay for a visit but it is nothing compared to how much you would spend for coworking. Libraries are really great platforms for work! This is a quiet place full of books and computers. Of course, library Wi-Fi is not that fast, but it is enough to carry out your work. Watch the library rules! You may use phone or Skype calls on the public territory only. But some libraries don’t follow so strict rules and loyal to their visitors. Just Google the nearest library and start your work!



  1. Park

If the weather is good you can go to work to the park. All cities have green territories you can work at. Just take your blanket, a picnic set, some water, and go to find a comfortable place. What about the internet? It is not a problem if you have a free Wi-Fi zone in the park. Also, you can use mobile internet and use your phone as a mobile modem. It can be really comfortable to work outside. Do you feel tired? You can relax and take a walk around the park. Pause your work and eat some fruits, or go to find some fresh coffee in the park cafe.

  1. Hotels

Working in the hotel is also a good idea, especially if you live in that hotel. If your hotel has a beautiful quiet lobby you can use it for work. Also, you will get free Wi-Fi access, tasty coffee and snacks. Working in the hotel is like working in the cafe. Take your seat at the desk and don’t forget your laptop. If you don’t live in the hotel but want to work inside, you can visit a lobby bar as a client and stay to work there. Honestly, hotel location can be fantastic platform to seat in a quiet, met new people. If you want to hold a meeting, you can invite people to the lobby bar. How much is it? As a rule, a cup of coffee doesn’t take much money. But prices in the lobby bars are not always cheap.

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Of course, you may find your own alternative to coworking space. And whatever it is, it may be much cheaper than renting an office. Is there a place you like the most? That’s it! If you are afraid of noisy coworking offices, the possibility to work in a hotel lobby, cafe, or in the park is the answer. Also, if you are tired to work at home and want to change something in your life to get more creativity, you should try to work in the library or your favorite coffee shop. If your project is big and needs many people to gather together and think on it, go to the park! End your meeting with a good picnic.

Coworking alternatives are always around you! Try to find what suits you the most.