The Ultimate Patient’s Guide to Invisalign


Invisalign is a kind of orthodontic treatment used for Teeth Straightening without the help of traditional metal braces. Invisalign are specifically made for your teeth with the help of molds taken by your dentist or orthodontist.

Aligners are designed to move your teeth horizontally, vertically and rotating as per need with the perfect amount of force. Invisalign treatment duration depends on your teeth condition, and it normally lasts between 1-2 years.

Invisalign is considered as a revolutionary, fantastic, and state of the art product. It helps to re-align the crooked teeth, remove gaps and treatment for overbite and underbite. Its function is the same as traditional braces except for the technology behind it. A sequence of clear plastic aligners is used instead of metal brackets in traditional braces.

Invisalign aligners are about less than 1mm thick with the removable facility and comfortable to use. With the help of 3-D technology techniques, your orthodontist and dentist will design the model of your teeth. They do this in Invisalign laboratory with the help of image and show you the picture of your teeth look after treatment.

Invisalign VS Traditional Braces

There is no use of brackets and wires like traditional braces. Therefore, it assumes as a more comfortable, less disturbing, and reliable orthodontic treatment in aesthetic terms. Moreover, aligners are formed to outfit your teeth and as per your requirement of teeth look.

While traditional braces need to tight repeatedly to keep the desired shape and need to visit your dentist every week. Invisalign let you free from this tension, works more efficiently and effectively without a regular visit to the dental clinic.

Does Invisalign is feasible for everyone?

Invisalign treatment addresses the wide range of orthodontic problems, but sometimes it does not work appropriately for complex problems. Therefore, discuss your condition and requirement with Invisalign certified dentist to get a better solution for your problems. Your dentist may advise you better treatment option in case Invisalign is not available for your problem.

Invisalign suitability for children

Invisalign is not recommended for children. It is suitable only for people with fully-grown teeth. However, one of its version is available that fits for teens, known as Invisalign teen. A few changes in Invisalign make it suitable for some more active, rough, and tumble lifestyle.

Treatment duration

Depending on the condition of teeth, people with the mild condition may complete treatment within one year. However, it may take up to three years for people with some serious conditions. As the aligners are removable, therefore sometimes the treatment period extends because people did not wear aligners regularly. Dentists suggest wearing aligners for almost 22 hours per day.

Invisalign express, a new type of Invisalign, is also available for people with some minor conditions. People have to wear them for almost six months.

Invisalign Treatment Steps

The treatment procedure of Invisalign normally consists of four steps:

  • Discussion with your doctor
  • Take x-rays of mouth and generation of the 3-D model
  • Forming and fitting of aligners
  • Follow up Care

At the first step, a meeting is arranged with your dentist and discusses comprehensively the condition of your teeth and your desired teeth shape. Your doctor may also inquire some questions about your health.

At the second step, your dentist takes x-rays of your teeth and generates a 3-D model of your teeth as per your desired shape. This is one of the outstanding features of Invisalign, which allow you to see how your teeth will look after treatment.

The third step consists of forming the aligners and fitting them appropriately. These are specifically designed to outfit the shape of your teeth and mouth as well. Therefore, they steadily move your teeth into the right position instead of forcing them with wire and brackets like used in traditional braces.

At the final step, regular clinical visits are required to make sure of look after your teeth and feel some changes by wearing aligners regularly.

Is it painful?

Invisalign can cause a little pain in the gums at the time of changing your aligner, which you need to do at regular intervals. However, it is minimal compared to traditional braces.

As the aligners are removable, therefore it enables you to eat certain types of foods and clean your teeth easily. Invisalign treatment works effectively, fast, and require little force for alignment. This increases the comfort level during treatment.

Eating restrictions

No restrictions should be imposing on eating regime of the patient. You can eat any type of food but with proper use of common sense. Just remove your aligners to avoid food stuck in the braces.

Some people start eating wearing aligners, which is not a good option. Therefore, dentists strongly recommend removing aligners while eating food.

Things to avoid

If you have the habit of chewing gum, you must avoid doing this by wearing your braces. Because gum stuck with aligners and it is difficult to clean them properly.


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