Are Container Shelters For You


A large social event organized by a local business or charity, a construction company beginning a new project in a rural location, a group bringing aid to areas hit by conflict or a large-scale disaster, and a week-long fair at a local park. What do all of these instances have in common? They will all require large areas that are protected, at least in part, from the elements. No matter the time of year, each one would have to obtain some sort of protection that is durable but easily (and safely) assembled and disassembled, and each shelter would need to be able to stand up to potentially damaging and changing weather conditions.

The instances listed here are just four examples of events that could benefit from a container shelter. Large and usually dome-shaped, these constructs are easily moved and, at least nowadays, can be set up and taken down relatively quickly. Modern breakthroughs in science have helped many companies to make these shelters light-weight but durable. In truth, they are practically essential for large projects and events that require working or storing materials outside as they make such tasks far more plausible, secure and comfortable.

So you have a logging or mining truck that will need to be parked overnight? There are container shelters that will cover them. So you’ll be working in an area where boulders or other heavy objects may fall and damage the otherwise durable material? Most companies have a hard-top model. So you need an area to store a great deal of raw materials like wood and cement mixtures? Look for one focusing on width and space. So you need something secure for tools and other expensive or delicate items? Find one with hard sides or containment units that you can lock. So you have a large crew that needs to be on sight for a scene shot in a movie? You have to find a large, durable, temporary shelter for victims of a tornado or tsunami? You just need something that will keep the sun off your crew while they eat or the wind and rain off as they sleep? Well, I’m sure you can see where this is going.

Almost all companies that specialize in these types of shelters sell them outright and most will rent one to you as well. Just look for the product that is built to withstand the weather you wish to avoid. Does it protect against UV rays? Does it protect against heat or cold? Can it stand up against hard winds? Is it built for use in wet or rainy weather? Most of the shelters you can find now have all or most of these traits. Whatever you are looking for, someone has built it.

As for the price range, be willing to fork out a few thousand dollars at minimum to buy and if you want to rent you will most likely have to sign a contract stating that you’ll continue rent for a certain amount of time, but consider the size and scope of some of these shelters. Also many companies will work with you and can be extremely reasonable.

In conclusion, just remember that large projects and events don’t have to be suffered through by the hard-working people who run everything behind the scenes. You can provide physical protection for what they need far more reasonably (and sometimes even more quickly) than small, flimsy tents or strung-up tarps that simply cannot last for more than a few days at a time. In the long run, quality always wins out over quantity and if you agree with that, a container shelter is just the product you’re looking for.