Optimize WordPress Site

5 Tips To Optimize Your WordPress Site


When you’re online, you must always keep updating. It isn’t like that you don’t need any more knowledge, once you’re through your education. I won’t suggest you to go with some certifications or diplomas. The best alternative to these are the tips from web developers.

In this post I’ve shared some tips from WordPress web developers. In this fast-paced world, you also need to optimize your website. A slow loading WordPress site is going to give you huge losses. So, why be slow and why not follow tips from WordPress web developers to optimize!

Follow the Tips from WordPress Developers

Externally Hosting the Files

Do you know when you’ve a single domain, your site is going to slow down? It is because of limitations on downloading from single domain at a time. When you’ve a single domain, only a couple of files are downloaded by web browsers. And this slows your WordPress site. So what you need is multiple domains. If you can’t host files externally, you can use a secondary or sub-domains to help your WordPress optimize.

Remove Slow Plugins

You don’t want all those extra, unnecessary and slowing plugins to your WordPress site. You can ask your WordPress developers to optimize by removing all those extra and slow plugins. Plugin Performance Profile (P3 for short) can show you the stat of all those plugins installed to your site. Find the unnecessary ones and get rid of them.

Even if you’ve deactivated several plugins, you need to remove them from your WordPress site. Deactivated plugins also do occupy space and slows you down. So ask your WordPress developers to remove such plugins.

Tune-up Your Content

You don’t want any mess on your WordPress site. Get rid of all those unused, unnecessary and slowing content. These include widgets, images, plugins and all the media files. Make sure your WordPress development team remove them from your site to give users a better experience.

Get a Good Hosting Company

If you’ve enough budget for your WordPress, go with a dedicated server. Shared servers will slow you down. And do make sure that you get a good storing space and file compression tools.

Cache Your WordPress Site

Even the least shouldn’t let go. Don’t forget to install caching plugins to your site. Caching and compressing tools are best ways to reduce the space occupied and boost-up the site speed.

Love Your WordPress Site

You’ve invested time and money to your WordPress site. And this is all to generate more traffic and business. So you’ve to do more than this. If you already have a WordPress site, ask your WordPress developers to make your site faster. And if you’re considering a new site, you need to get the best WordPress developers for your new project.

Don’t run after cheap ones, as you’ll get what you pay for. Get the best WordPress services and reach the big world out there!