Alternatives To 8 Worst Tourist Places In Florida

Alternatives To 8 Worst Tourist Places In Florida


Orlando is a popular tourist destination. This is the best visiting place for family travelers. People often come here to visit Disney studios and amusement parks. There is a place for everyone in Florida. Every year tourists from all over the world come to Orlando, attracted by its warm and pleasant climate, stunning beaches, and world-popular attractions, available year-round. 

Miami Beach (Explored)

Yes, needless to say, kids really like Dinosaur World and Legoland. People often come to Florida with their big families and companies of friends. There are some things you should DO in Orlando to make your trip even better. For example, you should think of hiring a good comfortable car to travel safely and with ease. Big families need large cars. You shouldn’t divide your group into two or three parts with 8-seater car hire in Florida. Pick up at the airport and go explore the state!

One way or another, there are many places, you SHOULDN’T visit. There the worst restaurants, hotels, and attractions in the state. Having a car, you can easily avoid these places and visit other, more interesting places, instead. What are they?

Venice Beach, California


  1. Don’t go to Disney’s Blizzard Beach

Go to a natural lazy river instead

The chlorinated pools at popular Blizzard Beach can’t equal the natural waters of a Florida spring. To get there you need to hire a car and drive it a couple of hours from Orlando. Let’s compare. To visit Blizzard attractions you have to pay about $70 per adult and $ 60 per child. Instead, to visit a natural lazy river you’ll spend no more than $15-10. You can bring your own float to make your trip even cheaper. And now, relax and get ready to go down the river, enjoying the snacks and drinks from the floating coolers around.

  1. Don’t go swimming in the Sea World

Go swimming with manatees instead

Everyone likes dolphin interactions at Sea World. The performance lasts for 30 minutes and you’ll pay about $200 per entrance. Instead, drive your car to Crystal River. There is a unique opportunity to swim with manatees. It will cost you about $100 per person and you’ll see these gentle animals in their natural environment.

  1. Don’t go to an alligator farm

Go to the Everglades instead

As it goes, travelers like exotic attractions. Alligators are very popular among family tourists. There are many alligator farms around the state. With the help of your car you can easily visit any of them. But they don’t compare to all those natural wonders you can find in the Everglades. Here, in the Everglades, you can find tones of alligators in their natural environment and many more wild animals, birds, and plants.

Bird in the Everglades

  1. Don’t go to the beaches of Destin

Go to Seaside instead

Family vacation to Florida is impossible without a good car to hire and a good beach picnic. The beaches of Destin are overcrowded and noisy. Looking for a better and quieter place to swim, go to Seaside. There are many hotels and restaurants around the Seaside so that you can easily find a place to stay.

  1. Go to eat at Versailles

Go to El Palacio instead

A long road trip usually takes much energy. You need to find a place to eat with your big family. Everyone knows that Versailles is considered to be the best place to eat Cuban food in Miami. It’s so nosy here! You have to wait long to enter the restaurant and wait even longer to get your order. Instead, go to El Palacio. This place is not that popular and you can find many delicious classic dishes and huge portions.

  1. Don’t go to Sanibel

Go to Venice Beach instead

Everyone knows that you should go to Sanibel to hunt for the most beautiful seashells of different forms and sizes. Nevertheless, family travelers will have a more interesting adventure if go to Venice Beach. They can find real shark teeth in the sand. To compare, both beaches are beautiful, but shark teeth are definitely cooler than shells.

  1. Don’t go to South Beach

Go to Miami Beach

People used to think that South Beach is the best beach place to spend your family weekend. In reality, the beach is often overcrowded, covered with trash, and impossible to relax. It can be really disappointing. Hundreds of tourists come to South Beach, considering it the best family place in Florida. Go to Miami Beach instead. They give you the same beautiful view but fewer people and more space for relaxation.

  1. Don’t go to Mallory Square to meet sunset

Go to any other beach on the west coast instead

If you want to meet sunset in Orlando, where do you go? All tourists are recommended to go to Mallory Square. Honestly, this place is full of tourists and you can hardly find a good place to watch the view around. Go to any other beach near you. The view is the same beautiful from there!

That’s so cool that you start planning your trip to Florida. Start with a reliable company to hire a car. Then, pick a good beach hotel and mark all the places you’d like to visit. Check the list once again and make changes if needed. Don’t forget that there are many places in Florida you are not recommended to visit.