How to Mirror Your Android Phone to Smart TV For Streaming Movies and Cartoons

How to Mirror Your Android Phone to Smart TV For Streaming Movies and Cartoons


Screen mirroring technologies have taken the wireless connectivity experience to a whole new level. Now, you can enjoy all your favorite shows that are in your phone and mobile games on the big screen, without needing any kind of wired connection. With screen mirroring, you can simply just connect your phone screen to your PC and have a seamless movie streaming experience on a bigger screen. 

The latest Android devices are coming with screen mirroring technologies by default. This feature can also be accessed using 3rd Part apps that allow you to mirror your android screen to your smart TV.   

Before we get into the actual screen mirroring process, let’s talk a little bit about the benefits that screen miring technologies have to offer.   

Benefits of Mirroring your iPhone to Smart TV 

Mirroring the screen of your android device to your TV offers a wide range of benefits. Whether you watch a movie on the big screen or play a game or even participate in a group video call, you can do all of that using screen mirroring.    

  • Enjoys Movies on Big Screen

No matter how big or well-made the display of an android phone is, it is always going to be smaller than an actual TV. So, if you want to watch movies on the big screen, screen mirroring can help you with that. You can visit movies websites like Moviesda and stream the movies from that site, straight from your phone to the smart TV using the mirroring feature of your phone.

  • No Need to Transfer Movies

With screen mirroring, you won’t have to attach your phone to your PC with a wired cable. You won’t have to copy and paste the movies to your PC. You’d simply be mirroring your phone screen and everything that you do on your phone, it would be displayed on the smart TV screen.    

  • Do Mobile Gaming on Big Screen

With screen mirroring, you’d get to enjoy your mobile gaming on the bigger TV screen. You can play your favourite games in a more immersive way. With a bigger screen of your smart TV, you’d get to take part in the competitive gaming experience. It would also give you an edge over your competition in terms of your gaming performance.     

How to Mirror your Android Smartphone to Smart TV

Here is how you can mirror your android phone to your smart TV…

First, you are going to need an android phone with android version 5.0 or above. There are a lot of methods for screen mirroring, we are going to share with you the one that uses the Google Home App. You can download this app from the Google Play Store. You also need to make sure that your smart TV comes with Chromecast feature built-in. Once you have made sure about these things, here is how you are going to proceed

  • Open the Google Home App and select the Chromecast device you want to use. This should be your smart TV. You’d need to turn on the Chromecast option. 
  • Then you’d need to click on the Cast My Screen option. This button will be at the bottom of your screen on the Google Home App. Once you navigate to that option, you’d see where you have to click and once you do that, the connection will start to establish. 
  • You’ll see a lot of prompts and warnings that your phone is going to be displayed on the TV screen. Read all these alerts and accept if you want to mirror the screen. 
  • If you want to stop casting the screen and cancel your screen mirroring session, you can click on the Stop Mirroring button in the Google Home App. 

This is how easy it is to use the screen mirroring feature. Once your phone is connected to the smart TV screen, you’d be able to go to the sites like kissanime and stream all the cartoons and animated movies of your choice. You can also visit the movies websites to watch your favorite movies online on the big screen.

Some latest android devices come with built-in screen mirroring or casting features which take the ease of mirroring the android phone screen to a whole new level. This technology is also available for Apple devices like iPhones and App TV products.              

Wrapping Up

Android screen mirroring is useful technologies that improve your movies streaming experience to a huge extent. With this technology, you get a hassle-free way of streaming the content on your phone on a big screen of your Smart TV. The process for screen mirroring is simple and can be done quite easily. Follow the above-mentioned guide for screen mirroring and if you have any problems or questions regarding the process, let us know in the comments section.