All You Need To Know About Overnight Summer Camps


For choosing the right overnight summer camp you should look around and talk to different camps. Get information from online about camps, read testimonials and parents experiences with different camps. Ask around in your friends circle for the best camp which they think is suitable for kids to spend time overnight.

The different types of overnight summer camps:

There are three types of overnight summer camps:

Traditional overnight Camps:

These are famous for offering a wide range of non-stop action and fun. Days and nights are both packed with activities, like adventure challenges, land and team sports, arts and crafts, drama productions, water sports instruction etc. They can be coed, girls’ camps, boys’ camps or “brother-sister camps,” that are having mixed gender but featuring separate facilities and campuses.

Specialty Summer Camps:

They are designed for highlighting, developing and enjoying a particular interest, like performing arts, sports, academic program, fine arts, or travel programs. The entire camp schedule and site revolves around the selected leisure activity.

Special Needs Camps:

They meet the unique requirements of a huge range of kids. For the campers an entertaining and invigorating outdoor experience is created for summers, at the same time ensuring a therapeutic and beneficial environment.

Factors worth considering when choosing overnight summer camps:

Type of Program:

Make sure to clearly look over the style of daily structure at the camp. Different kids may need different structure levels for enjoying camp and to thrive. Some camps provide flexible programs in which campers can select major of the daily activities. But some camps are fully structured, and offer organized and pre-determined schedule and have mixed in some elective activities.

Camp Fort Greene sessions last from 1 week to 7 weeks. If the sessions are too short they may leave the kids longing for more. Sessions which are too long can lead kids to camp burnout. So you should choose a program which is best for your child and through which your child can experience the best summers.

Camp environment is linked very closely to the geographic region. Physical location normally affects the physical comfort levels. Normally not all campers are tough enough for roughing it out. Moreover, you should also keep in mind that while distance from home can be an issue for traveling time, it has little relation to a child’s homesickness.
How to know that your child is ready for an overnight summer camp?

You should not judge your child based entirely on his/ her age. While many experts think that at age 7 a child is ready to go to an overnight summer camp there are many other things to consider. You can take clues from your child directly. Ask them straightly if they are interested to go to an overnight camp. Personality is an important factor. Some kids just love to stay at home while others like to go out to friends for sleepovers. If your kid is hesitant, share with them positive experiences and the advantages of overnight summer camps.

Author is a child psychologist and a freelance writer and blogger and shares his experience regarding best summer camps in Brooklyn.