How Cloud Computer Works and what are its Benefits


Cloud computing is very popular in today’s world and widely preferred by internet professionals, especially people who work with IT servers. People have often used them unknowingly in the past in order to run programs or applications download from a server or a physical computer. There are numerous benefits of cloud computing but before we get there let’s talk about what cloud computing is.

What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing is a system where you can access a network via remote servers to store, manage and process data. It makes hardware such as your computer hard drive less vital and is perfect for when users need access the same files from different locations remotely. It is generally a subscription based service and you can choose cloud computing according to your needs.

Types of Cloud Computing:

• Public cloud – It is available over the internet for general use
• Community cloud – It supports a specific community and is available for several organizations
• Private cloud – The name itself suggests that it is owned and managed privately. A mass of IT servers uses this type of cloud computing.
• Hybrid cloud – It is a mixture of at least any two clouds of the above mentioned types.

How Cloud Computing Works?

Cloud computing consists of layers. We call them the front end layers and back end layers. The front end layers consist of the ones we see and connect with while using the application. The back layers are operated by the hardware and software that runs the interface in the front end layers. It works as a single device giving you the opportunity of flexible use. According to your need you can increase or decrease the usage of the cloud resource.

So now there must be something positive about it which adds it in the benefits of IT services. Let us have a look on that.

How Cloud Computing is Beneficial for IT Servers?

1. Can be Easily Accessed:

Cloud computing system’s one the important benefits is its accessibility. The employees can easily use it from any location. They can get access to all the important data, files documents and IT tools. It helps to recreate an office environment and work efficiently even without being at the office. The only requirement is to have Internet access.

2. Reduces Capital Expenditure:

It is a subscription based service so the IT servers don’t need to make excess capital expenditure. Since the cloud computing can be deployed faster the IT services can start up projects with minimal cost.

3. Helps to Collaborate:

The employees can collaborate with their colleagues from any location. They can share documents and work on projects together as a team even without being together at the place.

4. Helps to Recover Any Disaster:

It does not matter what the cause of a potential disaster is, cloud computing providers are there to watch your back and retrieve any lost data on your system which you have backed up. If you have direct access you will able to retrieve this data instantly.

Cloud computing from companies like Littlefish London it support add many benefits to a business and provide a backup plan in case your physical data gets lost or damaged. Cloud computing has become a very popular system used by both large and small business.