A Proposed Model For Organizing The Chaos Of Marketing Technology


Online market is a broad spectrum in itself. One cannot imagine the depths of it and how it is affecting our daily life. Working in the IT life you’d learn to keep a lot of things private and secret as you know how you target your audience and how customers are made.

When you own a private online company or shop, you need to understand the target and how to achieve it and this is where those breached laws help. This helps you target your audience easily. When different people talk about different things they like on social media, social media easily add those audience’s paths of the website they are looking for, this makes easy audience targets. For example, if you have an online market of leather jackets specially worn by wrestlers, be it in the movie or ring you have kept Movie Jackets and Leather Jackets in your WWE Shop, now you’ll have to check who have search this keyword most and that is how you will know your audience.

There are some thoughts you might want to follow in order to get a level up in the market. Starting from;

Art and Originality:

The first and foremost thing is your creativity. The more original your content or product is it will help your viewers or customers to engage with you more. They will get inspired if it’s a blog and they will instantly buy your products if you’re selling something.


Your creativity and your customers should be your priorities. You can not take the risk of your customer’s dissatisfaction. Your product should be upto the date. You should have enough details about your customers or targeted audience that you’ll know how to promote your content to them or ask them to engage with you more.

Some people are generally inconsistent, but patience and consistency is the key to any successful business. If you lack consistency, you will lack confidence and creativity too, which is never good for any business but specially an online business where the market is strong and competitors are like hungry sharks, ready for a tear down.

It is important to note the values, customs and traditions of your targeted audience. This will help you put up culturally right content on your website. This will also stop a big backlash by the audience on contents. The content market is more prone to the cultural backlash than the product market.


With time, you need to understand that people will change their mind about sense and fashion, styles will change and so will the trend. A blogger, a content creator, a webstore owner should be aware of the time of need and change of time. A person who knows the difference between these two and also know how to manage and handle both situations simultaneously is king/queen. It’s very difficult to understand others prospective and it is more difficult to come to terms with the part where as a content creator, you need not just to understand but to offer those things to your customers or viewers. This is where balance and opinions come handy.


A business would stop running if you tell the customers or clientele that you are not available or too busy with other work.
As we have already established in the start of the article that our customer in any shape or form should be our first priority and we cannot under any circumstances be rude or neglect him or her. Customer and traffic is what brings you money, and you need to understand there to need to receive respect and communicate their queries. One satisfied customer Leather Jackets will bring a few more, but one dissatisfied customer will be able to stop potential customers. Your engagement with your customer and with your audience is a necessity. You can’t ignore your customers period.

All in all, you need to follow these few precautions to not lose stakes or your current position in the market. You are always welcome to work harder and be better than before but not worse, never worse.



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