How to Stay Healthy Even While on Vacation


“Oh, we’re on vacation. Diet is on hold. My fitness routine can wait until I’m back home.”

How many of you have convinced yourselves that cheating on your diet and your workout routine is okay when you’re on vacation? I won’t deny it. I’ve been guilty of this countless times.

Being on vacation is tempting to just fall back on your old lazy ways, and forget that your fitness regimen is a part of a long-term lifestyle change and not just for a limited amount of time. This includes staying on course both for your diet and exercise plan.

It’s not as hard as you think it is. Discipline is a lot more bearable than nursing an illness. Here’s why we’re glad to share with you several ways on how you can stay healthy consistently, even when on vacation.

Walk Whenever You Can

A vacation isn’t a ticket to break your daily exercise routine. In case you have forgotten, walking is an effective form of exercise, so as an alternative to your morning jog or run, you can choose to walk instead of taking an expensive cab ride to a cafe or a tourist spot, especially if the distance is not that far.

Another thing to note, taking the stairs instead of riding an elevator or an escalator is another healthy option that you can take whenever you’re visiting a gallery or a shopping center.

Work Out in Your Hotel Room

Most hotels have a gym facility, so you’d be lucky to stay in a hotel that has one. But if in case it’s not available, you can turn your hotel room into your own gym.

Simple exercises that don’t involve machines or equipment could help you keep moving even when on vacation. You may also bring a fitness band or hoop that can comfortably fit inside your luggage in case you’re the type who relies on these materials.

Stay Hydrated

Staying hydrated through the course of your entire vacation is just as important as filling your belly up with good food.

Once you board that plane, especially during long-haul flights, you must closely monitor your water intake as it may worsen the effects of jet lag on your body if you don’t drink enough.

Bringing a water tumbler with you wherever you go is an effective way to remind yourself to drink water regularly to combat any signs of fatigue or headaches. In case you haven’t noticed, water is a powered liquid that could control many of our worldly ailments.

Research Menus for Healthy Food

Pigging out is always a part of the itinerary. From trying out local delicacies to discovering new restaurants to try, taking on a trip to a new city or country means we acknowledge the temptation that food may bring.

But again, that’s not an excuse to completely let loose and forget about your meal plan. Try to research for restaurants that offer healthy food, instead of taking another shot at a fast-food chain. Online menus for most restaurants are now available online, so you won’t have to worry about visiting each place physically just to be able to check their offerings.

If you really must try local delicacies, make sure to take them in moderation.

Build Your Immune System

Before you set your mind into taking this vacation, you must first take into consideration your overall well being. As much as possible, we’d want not to fall ill on vacation.

What you could do is to strengthen your immune system by getting the right amount of nutrients from your food intake and taking vitamin C regularly. In fact, getting enough sleep and completing the 8 to 10 glasses of water a day can also help boost our system.

Pack With Health in Mind

When you create a checklist of things you need to bring during this trip, make sure that you don’t forget bringing in some helpful materials to make sure you stay healthy all throughout.

Your clothes maybe your top priority, but you should also learn to give proper attention to your health needs.

Sunblock must be on top of your list. It doesn’t only protect your complexion from going one shade darker, but it also blocks the harmful rays of the sun on damaging your skin.

Medication is also a must-bring when going on vacation. Basic ones like pills for headache, indigestion, or an upset stomach, and antihistamines should be packed in one medicine kit. Pack some wound solutions and band-aids as well for emergency purposes.

If you’re under a special medication, don’t forget to pack them as well to avoid any complications, especially if you’re under strict observation.

Go Out and Explore

Above all, you must also learn how to have fun and explore. Don’t get tied up with the idea of having to constantly watch your weight or burn the calories you just gained after getting a bite of that sinful burger— which, by the way, doesn’t make you less of a person anyway.

You are obsessing over your fitness routine when on vacation is a real party pooper. Don’t let it ruin your trip completely. Proper planning and scheduling can help you sort this one out.

As long as you are having fun while still being able to continue with your healthy lifestyle, then there’s nothing that you should frown upon during your vacation.


Let no excuse come between your goal to achieve a healthy lifestyle, even when you’re exploring a new city or traveling to your dream destination. Squeezing in a 30-minute workout right before you go on an adventure is not gonna ruin your schedule for the day, trust me.