7 Ways to Treat Yourself on Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s Day is all about love! But as good as it feels to spoil someone else, now’s the chance to pay a little more attention to yourself. Whether you’ve been married for decades or prefer the single life, take February 14 as an opportunity to indulge. Here are a few ways you can do just that.

1. Head Out for a Fancy Dinner

When was the last time you sat down for a delicious steak and an expensive bottle of wine? Use this day to splurge on the best meal you can find. While Valentine’s Day is one of the priciest holidays, you can also do this at home on a budget. Pick up a few quality ingredients at the grocery store and get to work in the kitchen!

2. Send Yourself Flowers

A beautiful floral arrangement is the best way to practice self-love this V-Day. Head down to your local florist to pick up a bouquet or have one sent right to your doorstep. Flowers are wonderful at any time of year, but on a day dedicated to romance, they’re even more perfect.

3. Buy Something Nice

Remember that extensive holiday gift list you made a couple of months ago? It’s time to bring it back out. Head to the mall and pick up those knee-high boots or those winter accessories you didn’t get for the holidays. This year focus on your wants just as much as your needs.

4. Get Tickets for an Event

Check out the events happening in your city. Look for musicals, sports games, live concerts and more. If something sounds interesting, buy a ticket! You shouldn’t have to miss out on memorable performances because you’re single. Head out on the town and have some fun.

5. Take a Vacation

Use this day of love as an excuse to take a trip. Whether you want to head across the world or stay local, book a hotel and a few memorable excursions. Some places even offer specific spa packages for Valentine’s Day. If that’s out of your price range, don’t fret – you can achieve the same experience right at home.

6. Eat Some Sweet Treats

Head to your local bakery and pick up an assortment of baked goods. Cupcakes, donuts, and brownies – there’s no better food group, especially if February 14 makes you feel a little lonely. With these in hand, you’re ready to self-indulge.

7. Have a Night In

Curl up with a box of chocolates, a cozy blanket, and your favorite romantic comedy. Pour a drink and settle in for a few hours on the couch. A night in is a terrific way to destress and treat yourself without breaking the bank. But if you have some money to spare, you level up your night in by typing in “cheap hotels near me” on Google for a change of scenery. Invite a few girlfriends over to make it more of a Galentine’s Day!

Practice Self-Love on Cupid’s Day

No matter what your relationship status is, take some time to treat yourself this Valentine’s Day. Splurge on a new wardrobe and make a delicious meal. Whatever you choose, do it in the name of self-love. You deserve it!


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