TOP 7 Reasons To Visit Toronto ABOVE ALL OTHERS


Planning a trip? You’ve probably packed all necessities for a long ride. Where to? Why don’t you go to Canada? This is one of the most popular destinations for a road trip this year. Discovering Canada seems to be a long but interesting process. Don’t worry about how much time the trip takes. Pick Toronto to begin with. Aren’t you sure about to go? Here are few reasons why you should book a Toronto trip this year. But before, let’s come over how to get around the city.


Toronto is a huge city with well-developed transport system. People often use subways, buses and taxies to get around. Tourists often use rental car services. Car rental at Toronto Union Station is perfect for road trips. This is probably the most comfortable way to travel on the weekends. You can travel through the city or go to see outskirts. Thus, you can take a car in the airport or use one of many neighborhood car rental locations in Toronto.




  1. For rest and relaxation

Toronto is a city where you can find everything for your good rest and relaxation. How about SPA? Visiting spa is one of the most popular activities for locals. They like Hammam Spa the most. What is Hammam? This is a kind of Turkish bath, based on old traditions and philosophy. You can find Hammam in European countries and Middle East countries. People come here for refreshment. You will be surprised by the balance of hot and cold water, and different massage techniques. Traditionally, you may have some treats and a cup of herbal tea. If you don’t like Hammam, you can find a kind of alternative variant. For example, Stillwater Spa offers Swedish massage techniques for restoration of your mind and body.

  1. For active night life

If you are not going to spend the whole night in your hotel room, Toronto offers many interesting places to visit at night. Go to the bar, local pub, or brewhouse. Thirsty and Miserable and The Done Right Inn are the most popular spots to get some beer before the night club. Speaking about night clubs, go to Hoxton or Wayward. They have a variety of exotic cocktails and DJ music.

  1. For comfortable location

Of course, Toronto location is one of the most favorable locations for an interesting road trip. It is situated in the northeastern region of America. This is your chance to rent a car and get to Chicago, New York, Washington, Boston in the shortest time. There are many routes, specially developed for travelers to get to one or another city, avoiding traffic jams and other road troubles. You can build up your route just from the airport. There are free shuttles to take you from the airport to the rental car office.


  1. For good shopping

Everyone likes shopping. Who doesn’t? Living in Europe or in the USA, you’ll find the prices for goods and services in Toronto the best and the cheapest. Don’t forget about shopping taxes. It’s when you have to add about 10-13% to the price of your purchase. Where to go? The first place you have to visit for good shopping is Toronto Eaton Centre.

  1. For visiting festivals and other public events

The brightest and the best visited event in Toronto is International Film Festival. This is probably the second important festival after the Cannes Film Festival. Where and when? It holds every September in Toronto. For this time the city is full of curious tourists, hoping to see the world popular film stars with their own eyes. The festival runs for 11 days! And the city remains hot and noisy for this period. Don’t worry if you can’t come in September. There are many interesting festivals are held in Toronto through the year. For example, you can come in summer to attend dance festival or big electronic festivals called Electric Island. The art fans are welcomed in in June for Luminato. This art festival runs for 17 days!

Winter Wonderland


  1. For art scenes

Toronto is an interesting place for all art lovers. As it was told before, the first thing you should do in June is attending Art Festival. What is more, this is a place where all major art museums are situated. Welcome to the Art Gallery of Ontario and the Gardiner Museum of Ceramic Art. They are not located in the city center so that you need a car to get there.

  1. For adventures with kids

It’s all about the Wonderland. Canada is a world popular place for a family vacation. The Wonderland is the largest theme park in the country. Traditionally, it consists of many smaller parks divided by themes. Thus, there is a water park called Splash Works and Walt Disney World.

Toronto is the best place for visiting. At least, this is one of the best! You can find many different reasons why come here for the first or every next visit. You should try and decide if this city really suits you.