9 Signs You're Eating Too Much Sugar

9 Signs You’re Eating Too Much Sugar


High consumption of sugar is the main cause of health damage. Doctor’s recommend limiting the amount of added sugar, you eat. Sugar is like the forbidden fruit of the modern diet.  It impacts on heart health, fitness, and overall lifestyle. Many people consume too much sugar, and the body reacts, It is the main ingredient of the most beloved food, sweets, cakes, biscuits, donuts, ice cream.

Loss of Energy

A constant state of tiredness during the day is one of the signs that your diet is too rich in sugar. Sugar-rich foods increase the level of insulin sharply and suddenly, and you feel energized at the moment, but when insulin decreases, there is a feeling of weakness. If you feel tired, it’s time to analyze your diet to see if you eat (or drink) too much sugar.

Feeling Hungry

If you feel hungry right after you eat, this indicates a high sugar consumption. A too much sugar consumption makes glucose no longer flow into the cells, and the body feels the need for energy, which is why hunger appears.

Frequent Urination

High blood glucose causes frequent urination, the kidneys do not have the ability to reabsorb the liquid. The body feels Frequent urge to urinate.

Increase Cholesterol levels

Cholesterol and (maybe) triglyceride levels have gone too high? It can be a sign that the diet is abundant in sugar. Although the mechanism is not fully understood, research has come to the conclusion that excessive consumption of sugar leads to the increase of bad cholesterol (LDL) and triglycerides and to lowering good cholesterol (HDL).

Excessive thirst

A dry mouth and an excessive thirst are signs that the body you might be dehydrated. To hydrate, choose to consume water and avoid high-sugar beverages.

Dry skin

What we eat does not only affect us inside but also reflects on the outside. A diet rich in sugar leads to the drying of the skin, which leads to dermatological problems.

Difficulties in concentration

Blood sugar prevents glucose from reaching the cells that make up the brain. Cerebral activity is aggravated and there are difficulties in concentrating.


According to researchers, people who consume too much sugar may be at risk of depression, anxiety, and irritability.

Increased Tension

Blood pressure is considered normal if it is 120/80 or less. A diet that contains too much sugar can increase your blood pressure. Recent studies show that reducing sugar from food is even more important than reducing the amount of sodium (salt) when it comes to keeping the tension at normal levels.