When To Hire A Criminal Defense Attorney

When To Hire A Criminal Defense Attorney 


When someone is charged with a criminal defense, the accused party is often overwhelmed and highly stressed. If this was the first arrest, the person may be clueless regarding specific rights that are for every citizen in this country. We are supposed to assume that everyone is innocent until proven guilty. Unfortunately, this presumption of innocence doesn’t make a difference. When police officers arrest an individual for an assumed illegal offense, many police officers invade the accused civil rights. They may unlawfully detain, embarrass the individual, hurt the person by forcefully getting control and more. Police detectives who interview the suspect often lie to try and get the suspect to confess.

It is crucial to hire an experienced criminal defense attorney when charged with any illegal offense. There are excellent Hayword attorneys that practice criminal defense. The police may not tell the suspect that they have certain rights, including the right to have a lawyer present during a police interview. Often, the police will try to trick the suspect into caving in and confessing. There are instances of people being interviewed by the police though they have not been arrested. Those individuals and the ones actually charged should immediately request an attorney prior to any police interview.

Too often, we hear of individuals that have been wrongfully convicted. The jails are overflowing in every county and state. A good criminal defense lawyer will take advantage of this. He will fight for his client’s freedom. If that doesn’t work, these top-notch attorneys will argue for a lesser sentence, to hopefully not have to be served behind bars. It is always the right of the accused to remain silent. This is a constitutional right meant for all, including accused criminals. With a lawyer present at the police interview, the suspect will have less chance of being locked up.

There are an incredible amount of things deemed to be illegal. There are people who get caught in an illegal activity that they did not even realize was illegal. A competent criminal defense attorney will know your rights for you. This attorney will fight hard to get the charges dropped. An attorney should not judge. They are there to ensure fair representation as the laws dictate. The whole ordeal of being arrested and going to trial is absolutely terrifying to some. It is not hard to be confused about what is happening. A criminal defense attorney can explain the legal gibberish that is in many court documents.

Sometimes someone witnesses a crime. The witnesses are often interviewed by the police. There are instances when a reluctant witness is afraid to testify. She may have been the victim of domestic abuse or is just too terrified to stand in court with the alleged abuser or criminal in the same room. An adept defense attorney can safeguard these witnesses’ rights. They may even be eligible for witness protection in selected cases. There are also people who get accused of some white-collar crime. A talented criminal defense attorney will ensure that this client stays out of jail, or gets better treatment than other hardcore criminals.

There are many reasons why it is wise to hire a qualified and knowledgeable criminal defense attorney. If in doubt, it is likely necessary.