Selling Your Old Games: Tips and Tricks When Selling Games For Cash

Selling Your Old Games: Tips and Tricks When Selling Games For Cash


There are various places that advertise their game exchange services, offering cash for your old games, usually within local game shops, or the pawn shop down the road. There are also other methods of selling your old game, even online, the possibilities are endless.

You won’t always get the same price everywhere so it’s important to know where you’re going when selling your games, how much you’re getting, and if you’re getting the most out of it.

Pricing: Know how much you could be getting for your old game

Depending on the age of your game, how rare it is, and its condition, these are all factors that will alter the value of the game you’re selling. It’s important for you to understand that if you are selling a ps2 game, you will be looking at £1.50 at most, whereas if you were to sell your ps4 games, you will be able to get considerably more.

This being both at a store, or if you choose to sell your game elsewhere, but of course, there are exceptions. At a game exchange store (e.g. ), you will bring your games, however many, they will check to see if your games are playable, and you will get your goods valued, then either accept or decline the offer they give you.

If you were, however, to place your goods as online listings on eBay or Amazon, you can value them at a price that suits you. However, it isn’t that easy, I will expand on this now.

Selling old games online

Selling your old games online seems like a good solution, it is secure, you are guaranteed to get the price you want, the only issue being you are not in control of when your games sell. Placing your 2nd hand games as listings is a good solution if you have 10+ games you want to slowly get rid of, but if you have one ps4 game that you just completed, it’s not worth listing that when you can make money quicker while demand is high.

Again, the age and era of the game matters, like if you were to advertise a ps3 game you won’t be looking at much, whereas if you were to list a rarer gameboy plus, you can be expecting to get a bigger price.

Make sure you have your priorities set when selling online, ensure you respond quickly to customer enquiries and dispatch your orders as soon as they place them. You want to get the money as smoothly as possible so also ensure you are completely honest with the condition of the product in question.

Should you sell your old games?

You could well go ahead and sell your old games, or you could keep them… Flappy bird, although being a mobile phone game, once it stopped becoming downloadable iPhones with Flappy bird simply installed onto them became valued at £1000s on eBay, who’s to say your ps4 game might not pick up value in a few years?

Other than that: old consoles, even controllers, once they start to become video game antiques, you’ll wish you’d have kept them in good condition. Because bear in mind, ps2 games may be worth pennies now, but they may well be worth a fortune in a decade or two, there’s no real reason to say otherwise.

Selling Your Old Games: Tips and Tricks When Selling Games For Cash

So when in doubt, don’t throw your old games out, keep them in storage, in their cases, in good condition, and try not to let them gather dust. Your old games, game boy, ps2 slim, psp 1000, could all be worth much to one rich man feeling nostalgic in the near future, so bear that in mind.