Offshore Dedicated Resources

6 Pluses You’ll Get From Dedicated Resources


What is Offshore Dedicated Resource? Not hard to understand for many. For those confused about this term, let me put this in simple words. When a business has too much workload and they need expert’s assistance with specific function(s), they go for dedicated resources. And when the services company is offshore, it becomes offshore dedicated resource.

Now that you may have understood the WHATs and WHYs of dedicated resources, let me give you some examples of offshore dedicated resources, to help you understand better:

Services from offshore dedicated resource might include:

  • Web Designing
  • Web Development
  • Branding
  • Software and Mobile Application development
  • SEO
  • Virtual Assistance
  • System Administration
  • And a lot more.

How about now? Does this help you understand offshore dedicate resources? I guess so!

Now I’ll be discussing the pros of Offshoring Dedicated Resources:

Saves you Time

You’ve more important things to do. For instance, if you need a website, it is better to outsource this task to some web development company. And once you do this, your time is for sure saved. A team of dedicated resource will be expert in what they do. So, no need to worry about the project. All you need is to be with the services company, all the time.

Saves you Money

When you’re in business, cost saving is one of the major factors for you. If you are thinking to hire a web developer on full time basis, you then have to pay him or her a fixed amount of salary. And it is not going to be the salary only but there will come other expenses with that one single web development expert. And once you’ve one, you may require more in the future. And your cost will continue to rise. This is why offshoring dedicated services is one way to get things done effectively and economically.

Professional Services

When it is a dedicated resource services company, you’re talking experts and professionals. Taking the above scenario of website development. Of you hire a freelancer or a single web developer on permanent basis, it is most likely that you’ll miss this point. No matter how much effective and efficient they are, they can’t compete with a company. A company will have a number of resources, all with experiences and expertise. What one man can do in a week, a group can do in 3 days.

Dedicated Workers

Dedicated they’re and being dedicated makes the difference. Once they’re on your assignment, they’ll focus on your project, until it is done and delivered. For every client, the dedicated resources company will have separate group of experts.

Protection Privacy

Security is one of the major concerns, when it comes to offshore dedicated resources. You don’t know the company. You don’t visit them, as they are working from overseas. And the security threat today, is up on the rise. So you, being the client, need to be extra smart and proactive. Find one that is best for your business. And that has services a number of fields and experienced.

And for the dedicated resource services company, they need to be updated with security needs.

Better Infrastructure

Two is better than one and a services company is better than a freelancer. Better processes, better infrastructure and better performance when it is a dedicated resources company.


Offshoring isn’t a new term. Many businesses today prefer outsourcing to some offshore services company, as of all the pros mentioned above. And not only these, but you’ll for sure will get more from an offshore dedicated resources company.