6 Places Of Excursion During Your Estate Stay


Estates provide the best in all services possible to be given to guests. Every estate is a place to explore which is only fulfilled after some excursions. Excursions here are breathtaking which can be done by various medium. Excursions are most on foot and others like on horses, cars or cycles. In order to give readers a clear picture of the hunter valley estates the best excursion to be made while at stay are listed below:

  1. Tyrrell’s Vineyards:

It is one of the most historic winemaking places in the property providing guests with a wide variety of options to choose from. Wine tasting is done here which is a part of the tour. Excursion to this vineyard is a must as an in depth knowledge is gained exploring the place. The winemaking process and the culture of wines can all be seen here. The feeling here is pure natural as surrounded by huge vines all over.

  1. Wyndham Estates:

This estate in the hunter valley is a compulsory visit as this place has a view with huge vineyards all around. These vineyards serve the best wines all around the world. Another very interesting thing to see are the historical buildings in this place, also there are a lot of gardens surrounded by the best grown flowers to give the guests aroma which they can never forget.

  1. Tocal Homestead:

Tocal homestead is a place with an important rural heritage like no other. This place has huge barns and stables for horses. The mode of transport here is still horses keeping the place environmental friendly and also keeping greenery alive. The rural life can be witnessed and wide awareness can be gained on the culture and living style of people here. People here are very simple and believe in restoring greenery and peace.

  1. Peacock Hill Vineyard:

The best place to go for excursion while at hunter valley tours is to visit the peacock hill vineyard. This place is a masterpiece with huge vines spreading over thousands of acres. This is a heritage as the place is very old and production has been in process for generations now providing people with the best in wines. This place is dressed up like a boutique and looks very beautiful if seen from hills nearby.

  1. Margan Hunter Valley Wines and Restaurant:

This restaurant serves its guests with the freshest vegetables and wines made from the surrounding vineyards. The quality of dining here is unmatched making it a perfect place for couples, friends and family. The whole area lights up after the sunset guiding tourists to come up and talk over some quality food and wine. There is a lot of designs associated to the restaurant making it stand out from other kinds of dinning.

  1. Howe’s Trail:

This is the most thrilling part of the whole excursion giving guests the right reason to getaway. Guests can take a 4wd vehicle or any other mode to complete the excursion. The way is a 30 km drive talking almost 2 to 3 hours. Tourists take the whole day exploring as there is so much to see in the whole journey. The scenery and natural elements around make the ride even more bliss.