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How To Reduce The Cost Of Car Insurance


There are several different car insurance products that offer a wide range of coverage. When you get auto insurance quotes, you’ll learn how much each type of coverage costs and be able to select the coverage and price that suits your lifestyle. However, there are some ways you can get a lower premium payment and discounts on auto insurance regardless of which type of coverage you choose.

Insure More Than One Car and Driver

If you insure several cars and drivers from the same insurance company, you have a good chance of getting a lower price than if you insured one vehicle. You can ask you agent if you qualify for this type of discount. It means they give you a bulk rate because you are bringing them more business. There are some conditions such as the drivers must live at the same residence and be blood or marriage relations.

A discount may also be available if you buy your auto, home and life insurance from the same company.

Have a Good Driving Record

The more accidents or violations you have, the higher price you’ll pay for insurance because you are a bigger risk. If you can show a clean driving record, the insurance company may give you a discount as a low risk customer.

Take a Driver’s Education Course

Ask your insurance agent if the company gives discounts for people who have passed a defensive driving course. If they do, you can sign up for a class. This may also go towards improving your driving record further helping you get a discount.

Limit the Amount You Drive

Ask your agent if they have different mileage rates. You’ll pay higher premiums if you drive more. A person who commutes to and from work for three hours every day will pay more than one who only drives a few miles each day. You may not be able to reduce your commute, but you can take other transportation sometimes, which will reduce the miles you drive.

Raise Your Deductible

If you are able to pay a higher deductible, you’ll get lower monthly payments. Just make sure you keep the deductible amount in a place where you don’t spend it, so it’s available when you need it.

Auto insurance policies can be very flexible, and it’s worth finding ways to get the best coverage for the lowest cost.