5 Effective SEO Techniques For 2015

5 Effective SEO Techniques For 2015


As far as internet marketing is concerned, 2015 has been a bag of surprises. Every year, with Google constantly updating its algorithms, SEO techniques take a U-turn, and this year has been no different. We have seen a major drift in the paradigm, with quality content ranking top in any criteria. Google, along with other major search engines like Bing! And duckduckgo, is taking steps to provide content rich, user helpful results, rather than targeting keyword stuffed and backlink clogged web based search results. In fact, these sites are being penalized for using such techniques.

If your site or page has seen a dramatic fall with the onset of the year, there is a high possibility that your site has been penalized by any one of the algorithms. If so, then you should also know that it is not going to get any better, unless you do something about it fast. You need to stop using such techniques which are doing harm to your SERP, and start implementing strategies which will help boost its search results.

Here are a few techniques which will prove to be SEO friendly in 2015. And for more information you can read at: SEO Company Guru

  1. Create Good Quality Content for your Pages

Creating a good content will be the primary aim of any search engine optimization. A “Quality Content” is one which provides relevant data to the user. The material should be genuine and original, and not spun or copied from elsewhere. It should be apt for what the user searched for, giving to-the-point information. No one wants to read a content which provides no information and is just there for the heck of it. Google has given its main attention to good quality content filled sites this year, a trend which is unlikely to be dropped in the coming years as well.

  1. Avoid Excessive Backlinking

Excessive backlinks can severely harm your websites online reputation. Google has paid special attention in tracking sites which use excessive and unnecessary links to boost SERP. The Penguin algorithm by Google is dedicated towards this one purpose only. In my opinion its better to have 5 or 6 good quality and relevant links than 100 useless ones. The first thing to do is seek and destroy useless links re routing to your page. You can do so by using Google tools. You must keep a regular update as to what all sites are linking back to your page. You can retain the good ones, the pages with a higher page and domain authority. They serve as reliable sources of information and help gain your page a good reference as well.

  1. Focus on Static URLs

Try using a static URL for your page. A static URL will be keyword specific, hence making it easier to find and use, unlike a dynamic URL. Example of a static URL can be saywww.writeit.com/myplace/noway. Notice how all the words used are simple to remember and easy to re find. A dynamic URL can be likewww.writeit.com/12behbuiq/7%rtu85gg23/123.htm. This URL is not something you can and want to remember, and would probably not go on even if it provided good content, unless you bookmark it. But that is again a problem if you use different devices like tabs or cell phones, and mobility is another great way of boosting SERP, which we will discuss later.

  1. Focus on Social Platforms

Off late, social platforms like facebook, twitter and linkedin have gained excessive popularity amongst almost everyone. Everyone you may know is active on these platforms and they serve as a great place to advertise your brand or page. The more number of hits you get, the more is your page known about. You might want to invest time and money on this kind of advertisement campaign, and it will surely help your page gain more popularity.

  1. Mobility

Last but definitely not the least, mobile application development is the emerging trend of 2015. With more and more people opting for smart phones and tabs is increasing, and with them is increasing the popularity of applications. Mobile apps help you promote your brand or page amongst people ‘on the go’. Creating a decent mobile application will be definitely fruitful for you.

I hope you found this article helpful, and if you take the necessary steps and precautions mentioned above, you shall notice a boost in your SERP, not overnight, but over time. You can use the Google Analytics Tool to monitor the progress of your SEO. Black Hat techniques have been narrowed down and cornered by the algorithms, so try avoiding them entirely. They bring more harm than good.