5 Amazing Drinking Experiences in Europe

5 Amazing Drinking Experiences In Europe


In need of great editorial content for your travel blog? Or simply want drinking experiences out of the norm? Here are some amazing places to have a drink.

1. Drink an ouzo in Lesbos

If you’ve watched My Big Fat Greek Wedding, you’ve probably figured out that ouzo is the preferred alcoholic drink of the Greeks. There’s even a saying that goes somewhere along the lines of: ouzo makes the spirit. 

Ouzo is the Greek’s favorite aniseed-flavored drink for virtually any occasion related to relaxation or having fun. If you’re traveling in Greece, you need to drink a glass of ouzo, alongside a small platter of mezze at a local tavern.

But if you want a real ouzo drinking experience, head over to Lesbos, which has around 17 ouzo distilleries and accounts for 50% of Greece’s high-quality ouzo production. 


As a plus, you can also visit to learn more about Greek’s national drink of choice!

2. Go to a café in Paris

Ah, Paris. The city of lights, of romance, of freedom. Paris is the city of descriptors and amazing cafés. Tell me one person who doesn’t have dreams of buying fresh produce at a local Parisian Sunday market, then going to your favorite café spot. 

Many of us who dream of Paris also share this same fantasy. And this brings me to my next drinking experience: have a coffee in a Parisian café. 


3. Drink at a rooftop bar in Seville

Or maybe you want somewhere up high to have a full panoramic view of the city? Spain is an all-around amazing city for virtually every backpacker, traveler, and foodie out there. 

Madrid and Barcelona are great cities and all. But if you want somewhere cultural and equally as fun as these big cities, head over to Seville

The city’s pretty frickin beautiful. They have great places for tapas. And the local wine is exquisite. You can enjoy all of these at a magnificent rooftop bar with a view of the city and the cathedral at La Terraza de Eme. What’s not to love?


4. Go to a Viennese heuriger for a panoramic view of Vienna

A heuriger is an Austrian wine tavern that is typically situated next to a vineyard. There’s actually quite an interesting history behind this drinking establishment. Long story short, the Austrian government in the 18th century allowed vintners to sell their wine directly to local folks, free of taxes.

Since then, this marvelous farm-to-table concept has been somewhat of a national favorite and a hidden gem, unknown from those who aren’t Austrian. But goodness, just in the outskirts of Vienna, there are pretty nice heurigen, where you can drink local wine and with a panoramic view of Vienna and the nature surrounding it. Vienna is actually one of the few big cities in Europe that still has vineyards.

Suffice to say, this is definitely a drinking experience to have!


5. Drink wine against the backdrop of the Swiss Alps

Saving the best for last (just kidding), imagine having a glass of wine with a jaw-dropping view of Switzerland’s Matterhorn? 


Chez Vrony is a local favorite (and of mine). At 2100 meters high, enjoy a glass of wine at a cozy terrace that has a stunning view of Matterhorn. It’s relaxing and damn quiet. This is mainly due to the fact that Zermatt doesn’t allow cars in its streets. 

After enjoying this view, you can go around magical Zermatt and enjoy its excellent wellness centers. 

What’s your favorite drinking experience?

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