08 Common Plumbing Repair Questions Answered!

08 Common Plumbing Repair Questions Answered!


Even the slightest glitch in the plumbing system can throw your life in disarray. Since you don’t know much about water systems, pipes, and fixtures, it is natural to have questions. However, it may be a little overwhelming to find answers for common plumbing repair questions. 

Being well-informed can help you mitigate issues before they escalate. In other words, improved knowledge makes it a whole lot easier to face plumbing inconveniences with wisdom. Therefore, don’t hesitate and continue asking plumbing repair questions that come to your mind!
I have listed a few of the most common plumbing repair questions with brief answers for you! 

Why is there a spike in my water bill? 

Does your water bill have an unreasonable hike this month? In the following case, it is recommended to study the water usage trend and ascertain if everything is alright. A sharp increase in water usage that has no apparent justification could be attributed to significant water leaks. However, before concluding anything, you should do a quick inspection.  

Go through all of these steps as thoroughly as you can: 

  1. Check whether faucets are leaking 
  1. Check the toilets and make sure they aren’t leaking 
  1. Check the fill valve inside the water tank and make sure it isn’t overflowing 
  1. Check the flapper and ensure it is functioning properly 

A spike in the water bill should grab your attention and rekindle your proactiveness! If you think the issue is too complicated, don’t waste any time! Contact a professional right away. 

think there is a major water leak at my home. What should I do? 

As soon as you realize that there is a significant water leak in the plumbing system, you must take charge. Switch off the water supply at the shutoff valve right away. Apart from that, be careful while you navigate the house. It is vital to avoid touching any electrical fittings or wiring that came in contact with water.  

You should teach all the members of the household how to turn off the shutoff valve. You never know what happens! If any mishap were to occur, your loved ones should be able to safeguard themselves. If the water leak is severe, it may be sensible to opt for Professional Plumbing Repair 

Why is the water from the tap so cloudy? 

Are you disturbed because of tap water, which looks too milky?  

There are four reasons why the water flowing from the faucet appears cloudy.  

Firstly, perhaps the water is too hard, which gives it a white appearance. If this is true, don’t be too concerned as such water is safe to consume! Actually, it can be beneficial for you as hard water helps cover some of the daily calcium and magnesium requirements. 

Secondly, perhaps air bubbles are to blame. You can check this by letting a glass of cloudy tap water rest for a while. If the water settles down and becomes clear, you are dealing with a harmless situation. 

Thirdly, total suspended solids may be the cause of the milkiness. In other words, silt, clay, and iron are giving water this odd appearance. If this is the case, it is vital to use a standard cartridge or bag water filter. 

Fourthly, there could be methane in tap water. However, for confirmation, you need professional inspection.  

Why does the drain clog? 

Drains tend to clog when things get stuck in it. Over time, food chunks, skin flakes, and hair can accumulate in drain pipes. This gunk reduces the water flow and thereby causes a clog in the system. Think about it yourself, if there are blockages in a pipe, how can the flow not be disturbed?  

Why does the toilet flush refuse to operate? 

A toilet leak is a common occurrence in the plumbing world. Therefore, you don’t have to be too worried about it! However, it may be advisable to take some action immediately. 

Here are a few reasons why the toilet might be out of order: 

  1. The toilet is clogged 
  1. The water level in the tank is bit too low 
  1. There is something wrong with the flapper 
  1. The lift chain is malfunctioning 

You can easily find tutorials that tell you specifically what to do when the toilet flush stops working. 

Are chemical drain cleaners safe to use? 

Chemical drain cleaners are harsh in nature, which makes it a risk to use them regularly. I don’t recommend keeping them at home if you have any kids or pets around. Not only can this product cause water pipe deterioration, but it can prove toxic for members of the household. Perhaps you should opt for other less risky solutions to clean the drain.  

What are the causes of low water pressure? 

There are many possible reasons why the water pressure at your home is low. These may include: 

  1. The pressure regulator is failing 
  1. The water pipes are clogged 
  1. The water pipes are deteriorating due to corrosion 
  1. The water pipes are leaking 
  1. The plumbing fixtures are malfunctioning 
  1. The water meter valve is not open fully 
  1. The main house shutoff valve is not fully open 

Go through the list and try to figure out if there is anything you can do to make things better. Average plumbing costs can fall anywhere between $175 to $450 on average. Therefore, it shouldn’t cost you too much to solve an issue through an expert. If you can’t figure out why there is low water pressure, it may be best to involve a professional plumber. 

How to prevent water pipes from freezing in the winter? 

During winters, extreme coldness can be problematic for the plumbing system. To counter this issue, you may have to employ some insulation techniques like foam pipe insulation, pipe wrap tape, or heating tape. You should go through all of these things and figure out which one you find most suitable. However, you should take the initiative to protect yourself from freezing or bursting pipes in advance! 

Final Thoughts 

Ignoring common plumbing problems can have ugly and horrible consequences. Therefore, it is best to be well-informed about them. Once you know what may come, you are better prepared to deal with the issue and minimize the damage. Moreover, proactiveness will help you protect yourself financially. After all, plumbing issues only aggravate if left unattended!