Making Changes and Feeling Better

Making Changes and Feeling Better


There are all sorts of reasons that life can feel a little stale and you can feel a little run down, bored or in need of a change. If you don’t recognise and address this feeling, it can escalate into a more serious problem: feeling frustrated, trapped or burned out.

Today we’re taking a look at some of the changes you can make to help alleviate these frustrated feelings and feel better about life.


If life is beginning to feel a little stale, it could be because you’ve overfocused on a few limited things – your working life is a prime candidate to receive this kind of all encompassing attention. No single thing can provide for all of your emotional and physical needs: you need a broad social circle and a variety of ways to feel reward and accomplishment, some of which are more in your own hands.

Developing some new hobbies could help you out here! If you’re looking for something you can work on independently, developing new skills and work out some stress through creative expression, treating yourself to a craft subscription could be the perfect solution: developing your knitting, embroidery or papercraft skills give you something to be proud of and a sense of reward that aren’t reliant on recognition from your manager. This can help you to endure times when work isn’t delivering that necessary sense of satisfaction, and give you the grounding you need to plan solutions to the problem.


Sometimes it’s hard to separate the mental feeling of being stuck in a rut from the physical sensation of being run down that develops from insufficient exercise. It’s a truism to say that the more energy you use the more you have, but not a wholly unhelpful one: sedentary office jobs are bad for your health, notably your circulation. Building more exercise into your routine improves your heart-health, stimulates your circulation and delivers more oxygen to your brain and muscles, helping you feel mentally more alert and physically stronger.

You don’t have to start running marathons immediately or pay out for an expensive gym membership. Altering how you handle your commute can make a big impact on your health with some low impact exercise. Walking home a few days a week (where practical) doesn’t just make good exercise: it also helps you see more of your home town, find some hidden gems, and get outside in a way that’s good for your mental health too.